How to find with Google search similar images in the Internet

5:11 pm November 12, 201612169

with Google similar images is one of the most exciting features of the search engine. You show a picture of Google and the search engine finds then similar photos. In addition, she tries to identify the content of the image. With very good results.

how to use the Google Image Search

1. arranging you to the browser window and a file manager like Windows Explorer or the Finder of a Mac on the screen side by side. You need that later to pull the image template from the file system to the browser with the mouse.

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2 opening in the browser window Google and click the option images . Then click on the photo icon in the search bar.

Mit einem Klick auf das Fotosymbol starten Sie die Suchfunktion nach Bildern.
by clicking on the photo icon, you start the search function for images.

3. in the file dialog to locate the search image. Use a small version on which you can see enough details. A unverkleinertes original in size by many megabytes takes much longer to the upload as a compact version.

4 pulling you the picture from the file window in the Google image search input field.

Ziehen Sie das gesuchte Bild auf das Foto-Feld in der Google-Suche.
, drag the desired image to the photo field in Google search.

5. now is the image uploaded. The transfer is completed automatically starts searching Google and provides the sites.

the result is in this split into identical results and similar images. for Google found a term to the image, which in addition will be shown as in the example the word “Egg”. Will you also equal links to explanatory websites.

Google Bildersuche Beispielergebnis
Google image search sample result
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