How to find the network address of your disk station

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which actually for the Synology disk station on your network? If you want to find out, three routes available to you.

one leads through the user interface of the disk station, the other about the shell of your computer.

  1. look at the disk station open your Web browser and enter address diskstation a
    : 5000
  2. to load the Web-interface of the disk station. Click network for
  3. Control Panel and then system .
  4. click network interface you will see grayed boxes right in the window the current IP address of the NAS.
  5. with cancel you left the window again.
Systemsteuerung Netzwerk der Synology Diskstation
control panel network the Synology disk station

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IP via ping determine

If you want to not only open the user interface of the disk station, take the short way across the little program ping .

  1. open your computer – on the Mac command line terminal, on Linux the shell under Windows the DOS command prompt.
  2. then type a
    ping diskstation
  3. after a short moment, the disk station sends back response packets that contain the IP address.
Ping auf Diskstation
Ping on disk station

Synology Assistant searches for disk station

If you do not continue with the browser or ping, there is a third way.

  1. download the Synology Assistant . The program is for Windows and the Mac.
  2. after unpacking program.
  3. , click search and in the local network, the wizard will search for the station.
  4. after a few moments, you see the available disk stations.
  5. via double-click on an entry start your browser with the Web interface of the disk station.
Diskstation finden mit dem Synology Assistant
each disk station with the Synology Assistant, see your network.

second disk station – this can give problems

I have a disk station for backups and in summer yet a second was added, which is to supply our House as a media server. Especially it comes us to have all photos in one place, which we can access computers by several.

so came a DS215j. Setting up and connecting the disk station went quickly by providing. With the configuration, I faced an unexpected hurdle: how should I talk to the disk station, to configure them via a Web interface? The IP address you go.

but the tips here help further: I can not log on the disk station, to learn the IP there and I can not diskstation: enter 5000 . Because this is the address of the other disk station. (With: it could even go.) This includes equal more.) I opened my Fritzbox Web interface and have the overview under General

so clicked on LAN . There I have all connected disk stations in the overview. And Lo and behold: the name was twice awarded – and I had the IP of the new disk station.

Zwei Diskstation-Einträge in der
by the way, it for filed two disk station entries in the

click in the overview of the Fritz box to the name of the new disk station – I was already in the configuration interface. I gave the name “Media” then the server. But that did not protect me before another problem.

problem after installing

suddenly realized the first disk station (the one for backup) my user data no longer. It took a while until I got behind the problem: for the first time, the new disk station for (the media) logged well under the server name “Disk Station”. The Fritz box for assigned to this name of the new IP I guess. (In this respect it would have even with the direct input of diskstation: 5000 can be folded, I can no longer review but this – here everything is set up.)

I didn’t get the idea that the input of diskstation gives me the wrong server. Because I had named the new NAS Yes “media”. But it didn’t matter to the Fritz box. She led the new disk station (the media) continue under the name of the old (the one with the backups).

I could fix the problem but in the Fritz box configuration. The server name can be reset or newly awarded by hand in above mentioned overview of connected devices.

click to the little sheet icon next to the address of the device, and then change the name.

Editier-Symbol anklicken
edit click the
Namen ändern
name change

then worked everything – now running just the data on my new media NAS.

read here how you secure your disk station data in the .

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