How to find a job in computer science? [Quick Guide]

3:13 am March 2, 20176687

The job search is a more or less recurrent step that will return your professional career, starting with the first search at the end of the studies. whatever, not necessarily, because even during my studies can include job search to perform a dual training. In computer science it is possible, and I encourage you to follow your training if you have this opportunity.

1 – CV

to start her job search, there is already a preliminary step that is update your resume:

– include my recent experiences

– highlight the major projects: including details such as the areas covered, the technologies used, budget, compared to this project key figures (number of servers (, number of clients, etc.)

– update your personal data: what a pity that the phone number on your resume is wrong and avoid the e-mail addresses of the type “”, it’s not very professional 🙂

2 – the consultation of the offers

you’ll have to consult the sites that publish computer jobs , we can quote because he specializes in finding employment for trades in IT. It would be a shame to miss out on knowing that you can drop off your resume directly on the site.

Whatever it is, are you a list of sites of jobs IT or which offer services in this area. And then don’t forget to go on unemployment but above all don’t limit yourself to him.

Look also on the social networks, be it on social media like LinkedIn or Viadeo, or social networks like Twitter and Facebook, follow the right people and the right pages can offer you opportunities. You build a professional network.

3 – prepare maintenance

the preparation of an interview is of course important, but there must also be natural and not to recite a text while it presents itself. We must remember the context in which it appears to the company. What is its activity, its size, the size of its teams? Why is she hiring? What technical and human skills are sought? Of course you will think to ask about the company prior to the interview site: in short, ask questions!

Answering these questions will help you to get out you of the usual frame of the presentation school-experience-aim pro.

Beyond the one-time preparation for an interview, it is interesting, especially in computer science, to have personal projects, one on which GitHub we stock pieces of useful codes, a blog, an account on a site of challenge, etc.

This allows the employer to see your work beyond simple maintenance: give the opportunity to the recruiter to see further than your resume. In addition, this allows to have a topic of discussion during an interview, this can for example be the participation in an Open-Source project, as “bug hunter” or as a developer example. It is also what the preparation of good talks.

Whatever it is, on the duration of a job search and I would even say that it prepares on time, not on the interview itself, but especially you, what you are and what you do through your personal investment on ancillary projects.

And you, what is your method to search for a job? Share your tips and advice! 🙂