How to download YouTube videos from my mobile or Android Tablet [Exclusive Guide]

3:26 pm April 17, 20178100

YouTube is the most used of VOD service worldwide. But sometimes, we’d just be able to download my videos for reference during a long journey or at Grandma in open country where 4 G no longer exists. For this, we will show you some tips that will allow you to enjoy YouTube offline.

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Internet is today a resource almost common to all, without being too easy for some than for others. I must say that when well even we can all connect, it is not said that the quality of the connection is the same.

These disparities are especially hard to swallow that VOD services are now legion. And YouTube is obviously one of the most popular , being one of the pioneers of video on the Internet. However, it may be difficult to cash out its consumption of bandwidth.

Google is aware of, and launched there is little YouTube GO service to emerging countries and small packages. The problem is that to use it, a VPN is required. If you want a better alternative to download your YouTube videos on your mobile phone or tablet, follow the guide!

Download videos YouTube on their smartphone or Tablet

a VPN can be a bit complicated to understand and use for the less tech-savvy of us. Fortunately, there are simpler alternatives. Today, we show you how to download and install TubeMate, which will allow you to easily upload your videos.

First, go to your phone’s settings:

  • click on the ‘Settings’
  • application

  • click on ‘Security’
  • scroll down to the section “Unit management”
  • check “unknown sources”

this will allow you to install applications that are not available on the Store, which is the case of the application that we use today.

Then, download TubeMate available by here . Once the download is complete, simply launch and install the file. Then run the application.

You will soon realize that it is very easy to use. You are indeed on the same YouTube interface as usual, except that she is framed by a new interface that will allow you to download. Start a video:

at the top of the interface, you can see a small green icon to download. When you’re on a video, simply click on it.

you will then have access to the choice of the quality of download. Note that the 1080 p will be asked to download a specific extension if you want to use. Choose the quality that you want, and click on ‘download ‘.

the download starts! To access your download list, you simply ‘slide to the right’ by following the arrow when you look at YouTube. Once the download is complete, you can go through the list to play your video, or even just another video player on Android .

In any case, the video is saved on your internal memory! No need to type in your 4G package for access, and finished the boredom on your journeys by train or at Grandma!