How to create and make money with a YouTube channel?

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make money online while doing the things you love the most? If Yes, you should definitely consider make YouTube videos .

YouTube is one of the most popular sites with more than 8 billion views a day, which is huge for any standard. There are already a lot of people winning money by making YouTube videos and some of them earn much more than you can even imagine, nothing to do with what you can get a regular 9-5 job. In addition, YouTube brings with her fame.
However, many people do not know how they can make money with YouTube. In this article, I will explain the different ways to make money with YouTube for a complete beginner.
Thing to know before launching a YouTube channel
YouTube does not allow copyrighted content monetization. Thus, you can’t monetize by downloading songs or movie trailers or other copyrighted videos, unless you buy the publishing license. You can upload videos that are exclusively marked as copyright free. However, in order to avoid any copyright claim in the future, it is always better to create your own videos.
your videos must comply with the rules of the YouTube community.
Steps to make money with YouTube
1. Create a YouTube account and a YouTube channel
create an account YouTube is simple. Simply open YouTube and sign in using your credentials ‘Gmail’ and you will be redirected to your YouTube homepage.

By default, each YouTube account is associated with a string. However, I recommend you to create a new string as the main string uses your Google name, while you certainly want to keep 2 different for Gmail and YouTube.

To create a new string, simply open your YouTube account settings.

click on “Create a string”

then enter the name for your channel. Don’t forget to create a name that best describes the content of your channel.

then add a logo and a banner that describe best your channel.

you can then click on the button “Description of the chain”, to add a description to your channel and also add an e-mail on which you are going to get business information.
your chain is now ready to download videos.
2 create captivating videos
this is the hardest part. Creating a video that would appeal to the masses is never easy. And if you want to earn a lot of money with YouTube, you should be able to make videos with interesting content and good quality which become viral and allow you to get a lot of subscribers.

You can do above YouTube videos on everything that you know better, insofar as this is in line with the Community guidelines.
Make sure you download videos from high quality taken with a good camera, they are the ones who get the most views.
3. get more subscribers
it is very important. The more you have of subscribers, more you can earn. Make sure that users subscribe to your channel will ensure that viewers are more numerous.
In order to get more viewers, you must use keywords in your video title and description, this allows your video will appear whenever people search for the keyword in question. You can also promote your video on websites, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. If you have your own blog, make sure to write related articles and to embed your YouTube video in the article.
4 earn money with Adsense
with this method, you allow YouTube to integrate ads in your video.

you must first enable the monetization for your channel, after your YouTube videos can be submitted and approved for monetization. However, to earn the income generated by those ads, you must link your chain with Adsense. Here are the exact steps you need to follow:
connect to your YouTube account.
in your channel settings, select “Status and features”, then click on “Activate monetization”. If you don’t know where to find, use this link .

in the next screen, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. Accept them and submit.

in the top bar, you will see the following message.
don’t forget to link your chain to an AdSense account to make money and get paid for your monetized video.
click “Link my account”. Then, you will be prompted to enter the details of your existing AdSense account or create a new one.

you can choose what is applicable. When you create a new account, you will need to wait for your Adsense account approval. Once your account is approved, you can start to monetize your videos.
to activate the monetization of a video, you can go to the tab “Video Manager”. You will now see a small sign “$” before the eligible videos to monetization.

click on the button to open the video setting page, where you can enable the option “Monetize with ads”.
If you are using a video that is protected by copyright, you will see a notice of copyright in the front of the video and the person claiming copyright may display ads on the protected video, even if it is you who have downloaded it. In the case of a false declaration, you can file a dispute.
However, it is very important that you develop a loyal audience before monetizing through Adsense. The ads are known to be disabled by first time visitors and you can simply end up losing your side. In addition, if you do not have enough viewers, your Adsense approval request can be rejected. Try to develop enough viewers and subscribers before monetize your videos.
5. YouTube partner program
If your string starts to be popular and gets a lot of views, you can become eligible to become a YouTube partner. However, there are no specific criteria to become a YouTube partner. Some people have claimed their approval with less than 10 videos and less than 100 subscribers.
as a YouTube partner, you have access to more advanced tools to improve the content of your channel, your videos, and therefore get more exposure and increase your winnings.
6. monetize your YouTube videos through the affiliate marketing
membership is another way to earn money from your videos. With this method, you are going to promote certain products or membership services in the video while providing a link in the description. Whenever someone will use this link to purchase the product or service, you will be paid a fixed Commission.
in fact, most YouTubers claimed to earn more money by affiliate links by advertisements.
6. the placement of products
If you have a large number of subscribers and visitors, you can get paid by companies belonging to your niche to speak of them, their products or their services.
8. drive traffic to your blog
If you are a blogger, YouTube is a great way to generate traffic to your blog or your website target. All you have to do is include a link to your blog in the video description and call your viewers to visit the link at the end of the video. You can then use this incoming traffic to monetize through ads or some affiliate links on your blog.
YouTube is an excellent platform to expose your talents and at the same time to monetize. Although with huge competition around, make a video that becomes viral is never easy. But if you can make it, you can become a celebrity overnight.