How to create a sports site: the Guide

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you ever wanted to create one that is visited not only by your family and your friends? Here’s the good news: thanks to the Internet you can do. Even if you’re not a sports columnist with a rich history, you can still attract more traffic to your site.

créer blog sport

start a sports blog – it’s easy

imagine that your articles will be read by thousands, or better, by millions of people. Sites of sport to success can be highly profitable if you attract a fairly large number of audience.

so, where to start? How to start a sports blog?

you want to learn step by step how I managed to generate more than 1 million visitors to my sites in 2015

the best way to learn how to create its website, is to start to create. You can find information on almost everything what you want on the Internet if you are looking for good. The frequent use of a ‘community of bloggers’ sentence is explained by the high level of dissemination and assistance online.

here’s to your attention a guide of seven simple steps for sportsman.


  1. choose your niche
  2. choose the name
  3. make up your first post and think of others
  4. host your site
  5. install WordPress and choose the theme
  6. complete the installation of the theme and add two plugins
  7. optimize your site

1. your niche

If you read this article You probably already have an idea of the topic that you wish to address. If not, browse online to find your centres of interest.

If you want to write your articles regularly, it is better to choose a topic that is your passion .

if not find something that may interest you as and when. Like this you will stay still interested in your topic.

as well as beginners writers, write about what you know well. If you’re a football coach at the school, write about football to school rather than on the National League.

spread too much attention; Choose the area you want to cover fully. For example, is almost impossible to do better than “Figaro” . If you work alone, you won’t have to cover everything that it comes in a newspaper or in a daily journal. Therefore choose a narrower topic.

you can reduce your interest to sport, or the team that set apart you from other sites. The first work of the author is not a set of 26 encyclopedias. Choose a topic that you are very interested and expand gradually.

If you have already chosen your niche, do the competitive assessment in this area. Google and other search engines will help you. Enter words that describe your niche and see the results that appear. You may find other bloggers writing exactly the same thing you want to write. Invent something that set apart you from the others.

2. Choose the name of your site

If you have not tried the URL recently, we bring to your attention that it is very difficult to find a suitable domain for a sports blog. Taking into account the multitude of sites existing and even more large number of URLs, it is not very surprising.

many names are already taken by others. It is therefore to be flexible and inventive (ve). Take into account that the first ten names on your list are perhaps already occupied. Creativity is your loyal friend.

here’s some more tips for choosing a domain name

  • choose “.com” rather than the other endings. “.Net” and “.us” may create difficulties of understanding, because Internet users are already accustomed to the “.com”.
  • avoid using dashes and hyphens in your Url address.
  • clearly isn’t. Can we guess the subject of your site based on the domain name?
  • a short address is highly appreciated. In addition, it is easier to remember.
  • how your address URL to pronounce if it is written without spaces? Sometimes, different word combinations to create strange new words. Introduce your domain name to others and ask their opinion above.
  • don’t use homographs to avoid creating confusion.
  • your name is easy to remember? And pronounce?

to make sure that your domain name is still available, go to Bluehost and enter your variant in the window dedicated to the verification of the names.

3. Make your first post and think of others

it’s a good idea to create an editorial calendar. Think ahead about this how many times per week (or month) you will publish your articles. This helps to increase the amount of content and retain the public.
The golden rule – any article must have at least 300 words. If articles are longer, it’s even better.

sometimes there will be exceptions. Never mind. Besides, think about Visual effects and videos that you can add. Learn how to integrate YouTube videos – is not at all difficult. Ask Google if you don’t know how to do it.

4. Host your site

If you host your site on a dedicated server, you have to pay monthly fees. on the other hand, you manage your domain and you control your blog more than if you prefer to do everything for free. Free decks are a perfect solution in some cases, but they can create milestones as your site development and monetization opportunities. By hosting your site, you can generate revenue from ads to remember several other options.

in this article we recommend using that you can download to your website hosted for free.

attention! Do not confuse with, which for free offers. The web host we recommend is Bluehost.

Bluehost: Web host advised

Bluehost adapts perfectly to your needs. All pack comes with a free domain name. The simplest would be to buy the domain name on the same site where you want to host your site. If you need to transfer the domain name to a hosting site.

the best choice for beginners – Starter shot of Bluehost, because it is the least expensive. Note p-v-s the price increase at the end of the first year, even as prices on Bluehost are generally quite reasonable. What is the most important service that Bluehost offers is more high quality.

you pay $ 19.99 more if you do not want that the name and number of the register of your domain are published online.

5. Install WordPress and choose the theme

WordPress is for blogs is what Microsoft Word for word processing software. it is easy to use, perfectly meets the objectives of SEO. BlueHost for facilitated the process of installation due to its frequent use.

first, find the Panel edge on Bluehost. Then, click the “Site Builders” section and choose WordPress. Click on the logo of WordPress to install it on your site. Type your chosen domain name.
You will see the “Advanced Options” option. Click on it. Enter a name for your site, for example MonBlogSportif , invent your identifier and your password WordPress.

write down them somewhere. At any time that you identify with WordPress to access your site, you will need.

click the green button below “install now”. If all goes well, in a few minutes you’ll have WordPress already installed on your computer.

identify yourself on your site

after successful installation proceed to login to your site.

go to: www. (your blog name) / wp-admin . Type your username and your WordPress password. You will come on a control panel WordPress. In the top right corner to the left you will see the name of your site. By placing the mouse you will see “Visit site”. Click above for the look of your site right now.

at the moment there is not much to see. This is why we recommend Add a theme for your blog – sport site . Designers, programmers, and artistic directors are working hard to find solutions to the functions and rich qualities. Rather than start from the beginning, choose one of the free themes, which are offered by WordPress.

taking into account a large number of users of smartphones today, it is better to choose a theme that adapts to mobile phones . Fortunately, on the Genesis Framework site you can sort themes by category, e.g. photography, business, etc. , but also according to their ability to adapt. We recommend to use the filter that is in the middle and choose “ Mobile Responsive ” (Adaptive).

WordPress themes for your Site

carefully the different themes, take into account their structure, the number of Visual effects by page, the positioning, the size of visuals. Which theme suits your blog?

If you choose StudioPress, you can download both the generic theme (parent) and the child theme, for example Lifestyle Pro.

in order to download these see appearance – Theme which is presented in the menu of your WordPress control panel.

6. Complete the installation of the theme

all StudioPress theme comes with instructions. Follow them carefully. If you have difficulties, seek help in a discussion forum. If you have any questions, probably there are other people like you who have already found answers. Otherwise use Google search to find the answers to your questions. If the problem is still unresolved, “submit an incident” to our support team and wait for an answer.

with a little patience and thinking critically, you can probably put your theme in service. For each desired function there is a WordPress plugin. Normally the plugins are free. The developers will request donations in contrast of their efforts.

enjoy the plugins free

example: you don’t want your site to be visible when it is not yet ready. The plugin “maintenance mode” is a perfect solution.

Skip to the section of plugins on the WordPress control panel and click on “Plugins – new”. Look for the maintenance mode. Look at the options and choose the one that you like best. Install, activate and proceed to “plugin settings”.

take into account that the parameters of the plugins can be hidden almost anywhere. They are sometimes in the plugins area, sometimes they are accessible in the vertical WordPress menu – under the settings section (but not always). Need you to look good to find them.

a more plugin that is very effective is “Our coordinated” . The procedure is the same, you choose Plugins – new and find “Contacts”. This step of creating a sports blog will take you some time.

yet, don’t despair you if you do not progress. Remember, many people had the same problems and they arrived to overcome them. So, you can do it too.

7. Optimize your blog a little sport

after six steps to start your blog you have three things to do to make your site easier to find online.

  • install the plugin . It is free. This plugin is one of the most effective issues for your site. As soon as you start your SEO adventure, better it will be for you.
  • enter the your homepage title tag and the meta description. It’s free.
  • save your site in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It’s free.

a continuous work

SEO is a long and complicated process , do not underestimate its value during the creation of your sports site. Quality content is what distinguishes your site from others.

people prefer sites with informative content, which is updated regularly and is well structured.

use the H1 – H6 tags. Use one H1 per page and a few H2 and H3 based on subjects and on the size of articles.

the understanding of the tags

invent titles of interesting articles, by using keywords. This will help you a lot.

note practice: If you want to sell digital products on your site, use WP eStore . Alternatively, you can set up a PayPal account. PayPal accepts credit cards and works very well for eStore.

a few mistakes to avoid

  1. do not use free hosting platforms such as – it is better to get your own accommodation if you want to sell your products and make your site profitable.
  2. choose not too wide or too general topic – it is better choose a niche more closely and cover the subject in detail to talk about everything and nothing.
  3. devote some of your time to come up with the titles of your articles, because they are very important.
  4. try not to design your own logo.
  5. do not forget to take care of the positioning of your site in search engines.
  6. do not like others – be different, show your personality!

that is, now you know everything. Go ahead, create your sports blog that will be different, better than others! You are able to do!