How to create a Paypal account in 5 minutes

8:08 am February 6, 20176826LATEST GUIDE
find out step by step how to create a free Paypal account and check it with a credit card prepaid Mastercard in 5 minutes.
That is what Paypal?
Paypal is one payment service online free, reliable and secure. to pay for purchases, receive payments, or to send and receive money online easily and safely.

the benefits and services that offers Paypal:

  • probably the number 1 online payment service Paypal.
  • it is available in France, Belgium, Switzerland and throughout the world.
  • opening account Paypal free is no annual fees.
  • Paypal is a common payment method since there is currently 180 million accounts . It is used in 203 countries around the world.
  • Paypal is a very secure payment method “it encrypts and secures your banking information and can never communicate them to the recipient of your payment.”
  • with Paypal account you can get payments of best websites on a freelance basis as a Free-throw, Fiverr, Amazon and etc.
  • with Paypal you can buy or sell all you want online easily and safely.

how do I set up my Paypal account?
is very easy! just click here then:
click “Open an account”.

select your “Personal” account and then post.

fill in the corresponding fields: your city, email address and password.

turn your real information: name and surname, your address and phone number, confirm your age and click on continue.

you will receive a confirmation message from Paypal on your mail box, click on “Click here to confirm your account”.

congratulations your Paypal account for been successfully created! 

how check/activate my PayPal account?

to verify your Paypal account just click “link a card” as you can see in the picture.

add your credit card number Paypal account “Visa or Mastercard” to your . This process will charge an audit amount between $ 1 and $ 3 on your map. If you have insufficient funds on your card to cover the cost of this verification transaction will fail.

important note! : If you have an international credit card to check your Paypal account , create your Payoneer account and get your free MasterCard valid to activate Paypal.

click on continue and wait 3-7 days and then ask to your bank statement, to find “the Expuse Code” of Paypal (it’s a 4-digit number).

click on check the card and then enter code confirmation (4 digits), then click on confirm the card.

Finally, your Paypal account is verified! You can now buy all you want online, send and receive your money instantly around the world and safely.