How to configure Edge by GPO? [Quick Guide]

2:19 pm April 25, 20177647

I. introduction

present Edge browser in Windows 10 configuration is possible by group policy (GPO), in the same way as the other Windows features as well as the historic browser Internet Explorer. If you are on Windows Server 2016, these parameters are native speakers, otherwise you can add the ADMX files to take advantage of.

Microsoft offers free ADMX for Windows 10 files, they are also updated from time to time to support the new features of Windows 10 over versions.

II. where can I find Microsoft Edge settings?

I invite you to open the Group Policy Editor and you will find the settings for Microsoft Edge at the location indicated above, both for the user configuration configuration computer:

Strategies > administrative templates > Windows components > Microsoft Edge

it is worth noting that the settings are the same, whether for the user configuration or computer.

III. customize Edge by GPO

I won’t go through all the settings, there is no interest, especially as the description for each setting is clear enough. In any case, it is interesting to note the possibility to configure the home page via the parameter “ set up home pages ” where you can also define one or more URLs, as well as the possibility to predefine a list of favorites for the site of your company and your partners, which does not prevent the user to add my own favorite 🙂

  • prevent access to the about page : flags in Microsoft Edge

I advise you to enable this setting to prevent your users from access to the experimental features and development options. To avoid the hack actually…

To make it more speaking, you prevent access to this page which is full of parameters:

you can go further by preventing access to the tools of development via the “F12” key by turning off the “ allow development tools ” setting.

  • Send all intranet traffic to Internet Explore 11

this parameter may be interesting if one or more of your business applications is compatible only with Internet Explorer, this will open up the sites defined in intranet zone directly through the browser history.

This is a simple way to manage the switch between IE and Edge until your applications are not compatible with this new browser.

By default, users can install extensions within the Edge browser, you can prevent this by disabling this setting. It will need to adapt this parameter according to your internal policy related to the customization of the user, in other words do you allow or not environment the user to customize the browser with extensions.

For the moment, the catalog of extensions is limited and not too polluted by questionable extensions. Watch in the future.

You now have an idea of what the GPO will allow for the pre-configuration of the Edge within Windows 10 browser. Feel free to play with the settings and it is not excluded that Microsoft added in the future.