How to choose my own phone ringing, notifications or wake up on its Android smartphone? -Tutorial [Exclusive Guide]

1:09 am February 18, 201714906

you just receive a smartphone Android and you feel lost on this new ecosystem what is Android? In this tutorial, we will see together how to change the ringtone for calls, but also notifications or even to the alarm.


If you do not have the habit of using an Android smartphone, even the most basic tasks may seem complex. Let’s see how to change my phone ringtones. As usual, if the images are too small to read, feel free to click on it to view them in full size.

modify its ringtone settings

on Android, it is possible to choose a ringtone custom since my phone settings. To do this, place your audio files in the Music folder your smartphone from your computer. Then download on the Google Store Play the Cheetah Mobile file manager application, or the Manager of your choice. Note that some manufacturers, including Samsung, for example, offer directly to choose music from the memory of the phone without having to go through a third-party file manager.

everything is in place to allow us to choose a custom ringtone. Go in the menu sounds of parameters of your smartphone. Depending on your version of Android, it may be that the name differs slightly.


settings > sound > ringtone, notification or alarm

in this settings menu, it is then possible to change ringtone for calls, notifications in general and the wake-up. Click on one of these fields and a menu appears, asking you to complete the action with one of the applications that can perform the task. To use one of the default Android ringtones, choose multimedia storage, and to use your own music, go to the file manager. Take care to always select only once when you requested to have the choice later.


with the storage media, a list appears immediately. Tap the name sounds to listen, then confirm with OK .

with the file manager, tap Audio to the app displays your audio files, then tap the file that you want to select.


to change the ringtone of the notifications and calls, the procedure is exactly the same, but with the menu.

and if I want the chorus and not the beginning of the song?

all these methods assume that the audio file directly starts with the sound you want to set as a ringtone. However, most of the time we don’t hear the beginning of the song, but its refrain or a particular passage. This is the Ringtone Maker application, which allows you to edit a song to extract that specific a good part comes in.

from the opening, the application offers to choose the song you want to edit . To choose the start and end of the excerpt that you expect to get, you can use either the fields start and end is the sliders. These are useful when you do not know where begins the snippet you are looking for. In addition, it is possible to zoom in for more precision with the magnifying glass icons.


once you have finished your work, you can save it via the diskette icon. The application then offers directly to use, but the ringtone will appear anyway in the list of ringtones on the phone as well as in the folder Ringtones of your smartphone.


assign a ringtone to a contact in particular

you can also assign a specific ringtone for each contact. Go to Contacts and click the contact you want to change the ringing of incoming call. Tap the pencil at the top of my form for editing, and then click the three dots at the top right. Here appears the option set ringtone you are looking for. Then, the procedure is identical to the General ring setting.


change the ringing tone of an application

you have changed the ringtone of the notifications, but maybe you want to assign a different ringtone to your emails and text messages. It is possible, then you have to go in the settings of the application concerned by change your ringtone. SMS for example: go to the Messenger app , tap on the three dots at the top right and choose parameters to access the option to change the ringtone. You just have to apply what we learned to change.


from left to right, notification of WhatsApp, Gmail and Messenger settings

can change the notice of most of the ringtone Android applications . Gmail, for example, to get in the side menu to access the parameters, then go into the settings of each email address to change the ringing tone. It goes the same for WhatsApp, can change her ringtone menu Notifications of its parameters .