How to change the size of an image in Photoshop

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in Photoshop images to zoom out and zoom, you need to know first what exactly you want. Because on the one hand you can image resize simply, on the other hand the working surface of the image.

in Photoshop change

you want to enlarge the image as a whole or zoom out

image size? Then, proceed as follows:

1 click on image – image size

Mit dem Menüpunkt Bildgröße skalieren Sie ein Bild in Photoshop.
with the image size menu, you scale an image in Photoshop.

2. make sure the option to recalculate enabled is. Only then it is possible to calculate the size of the image pixels.

Mit Photoshop Bilder verkleinern und vergrößern
make sure resample option to enable.

3. type in width and height each the desired dimensions. If the little chain icon is active, it is sufficient to enter a value, the other value is calculated automatically to preserve the aspect ratio of the image.

4. If you want to distort the image, deselect the chain icon. Then, you can enter two separate values.

size of the work area change

the second path to the images zoom in and out performs above the work surface. Here the image content will not greater or less however like in scale, but just the working surface. This makes sense if you need space to add additional content.

how to change the size of the work area:

1. select in the menu image surface the sub-item.

2 button in the list boxes for the unit of measurement to pixels to (of course you can also work with other units).

3. give a new width and height for the work surface a.

In den Listboxen können Sie als Einheit Pixel wählen.
in the list boxes you can select pixels as a unit.

5. in anchor set where the previous image ends up on the extended desktop. The point stands for the image. With clicks on the arrow symbols to determine the position of the image. In the example below, the original image is right positioned below on the new desktop.

Setzen Sie den Anker, um den bisherigen Bildinhalt zu positionieren.
use the anchor position the previous image content.

6 then you determine what the background of the new work area should look like. To do this, click the list and select one of the presets. Or click the color right next to the list and select a new color.

Wählen Sie in der Listbox eine passende Farbe für den Hintergrund der frei werdenden Fläche.
choose a matching color in the list box for the background of the vacated area.

7. after clicking on OK , Photoshop expands the work surface. The previous image is placed as shown in step 4. From

So sieht das Ergebnis aus. Der vorherige Bildinhalt ist nach rechts unten gewandert.
what the result will look like. The previous image content for migrated down to right.

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