How to burn a CD or DVD

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Windows with Windows not a separate program, need to burn a CD or DVD, because the Windows Explorer itself dominated this ability. And it works without any hassles. So create a backup or a disk to share photos or other files to create, Windows is sufficient alone.

how to burn a CD or DVD using Explorer

  1. run the Windows Explorer and go to a directory, whose contents you want to burn.
  2. select the desired files or directories.
  3. you select above in the Explorer tab share .
  4. click on the button on disk burning .

    Auf Datenträger brennen
    Hereby, you initiate the burning of a disc.

  5. if still no blank disk is inserted, Windows prompts you now.
  6. then the Explorer requesting the desired name for the medium and the type of file system. If you are not sure, choose the second option here.

    Windows 8.1 Optionen beim Brennen
    A new Explorer window, which will be empty first appears the options for the type of file system

  7. then.
  8. in the background Windows but copied the data contained in a temporary directory, to have them for burning in the quick access.
  9. the copy operation is complete, see to the future contents of the disc in the newly added Explorer window with the note files that are written to disk.
  10. now can you burn additional directories or files using the button on disk or simply add drag & drop to the disk.
  11. you are ready, click the burner drive icon with the right mouse button and select burn out on disk.

    Brennvorgang starten
    The context menu for the drive to start the burning process.

  12. now appears another window, that queries the burning speed and then BB´s we go with the burning.

that happens when you insert a disk before

once the drive for recognized a writable media, appears a note window of Windows that you can click.

Windows 8.1 DVD eingelegt
Windows detects that a DVD is inserted.

Have you clicked on the message, a selection menu will appear. It for other options according to the type of the inserted disc and installed programs. To burn files, select the option highlighted in the screenshot.

Windows 8.1 Optionen f?r DVD the window with the selection of the desired file system is
Windows options for a DVD media

after that and concluded the special Explorer window appears again. In this case, it is empty and waiting for you fill it with files or directories.

that causes the choice of file system

the first method , such as a USB memory use the UDF format. Its advantage is that you can write later more data to the media. Thus a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM behaves so as a USB storage device. However, an once-used data area is not writable, but only for the unused space. A real problem with UDF is that that not all players cope. It may be so that you burn a CD with MP3 files for your car radio, the radio but does not recognize the disc.

the second option , however, uses a format that can read while each device, in which after the burning process of the disk but no longer can be changed with a CD/DVD player .

did you know? Windows can do also from MP3 files real audio CDs.

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