How to become a pro blogger when you’re an expatriate [Quick Guide]

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this article was written by Magali, blog Parents from 21 th century

couple expatriation crise

but what I do in Xuzhou?

ah expatriation, this disaster for dual career couples! And sometimes for couples short.

imagine : you were perfectly in your job – or not completely well, but finally it was always a job, there was hope of a promotion, a nicer position behind – and then your spouse tells you: “Darling (e), I am MUT (e) in China”

what? And what you do while there? And your career, what is she going to become to Xuzhou?

my 2 years of expatriation in Malaysia, I met many spouses of expatriates who were bored farm within the francophone community. Some spent the empty days, dig, the leisure of the salons manicure and massage quickly sold out. Others had taken a job in local businesses, not exciting, poorly paid. All were considering lost careers, to the anguish of the return, their loss of employability and attractiveness supposed in the eyes of (future) potential employers in France.

for me – and for one minority of others – was a completely different experience, and I will tell you why!

but before going further, I give you index: blogging opportunities to flourish professionally and escape the trap of the career break too often suffered 😉

expatriation, a disaster for the spouse’s career: a myth to exceed

expatriation rebelle intelligent

you have recognized the smart rebel?

, , we have a choice on departure, expatriation as a constraint , considered a disaster even: an interruption of career, the end of the beautiful linear course for which we fought since its release of school, a hole in my resume which will be badly seen by future recruiters.

or so, we can follow the Olivier Roland attitude and wake up the intelligent rebel who slumbers in itself! Personally, this is the option that I followed, with a few others in the French community and many others in the Anglo-Saxon community 🙂

before I knew I was going to create a blog, I went with a mindset that said “great, expatriation is a great career opportunity! OK, but a great opportunity why?

1. As an expatriate, compensation of your spouse is calibrated to be able to live on only 1 salary, an opportunity that does not every day!

means that for the duration of the assignment, you are free to choose your professional projects in you not caring royally their short-term compensation. You can only concentrate on these issues: “that is what I wanted to do in life? What is my passion, what are my talents? How can I implement them concretely? “

and you know, you who are (wannabe) bloggers pros: monetizing a blog, it takes time!

2. New environment, new opportunities!

explorer curieux blogueur

be curious!

by definition, expatriation, it means moving, new city, new environment, new life… and so new career opportunities!

imagine that you have always dreamed to become a storyteller for children. In France, it is not so easy to take action: a lot of people already are storytellers for children. You will be asked your experience, we’ll take you to test…

in Xuzhou? There is no French-speaking storyteller for children! The market is there, waiting for you: you start immediately, you will improve along the way . And when you go in France, you’ll be a great storyteller for kids with already 2 years, 3 years, 10 years of experience.

3. To meet new people, new ideas!

as an expatriate, my friends, the people that close every day were New Zealand, Canadian, Dutch, Bangladeshi, English, Trinidadians… a great place for ideas, discover new ways to see the world!

when I advanced the idea that I was going to create a blog, these friends said “Wow, a blog is awesome! In what field? How are you going to monetize it? ». Where my french friends said “eh, what’s a blog? You’re going to tell your life story? “

and icing on the cake, expatriation, this was for me an opportunity to swim in an English speaking environment on a daily basis.

thanks to this, my English for considerably progressed and I today uncomfortable to read either in the 2 languages… valuable when we know that in my area – education and school – 90% of global innovation is driven by the Anglo-Saxon countries. An experience that brings a lot of value to my readers .

create my blog as an expatriate, is – easy?

Obstacle surmonter escargot

the obstacles in perspective

Argh, I did not say quite that!

because there are an obvious obstacle posed by expatriation: you are far . Away from other bloggers, far from the events and the ecompetence salons, away from the experts – Yes, Yes, even by Skype, some will refuse an interview because 6 hours of jet lag “it’s complicated” – away from your readers also.

and then you have less pressure as : since you do not know when you will go back to France, since you do not need to monetize your blog quickly… it may be tempting to go quietly.

how to stay motivated despite the obstacles?

here are the obstacles that I’ve met and how I did face:

1. Meet annual blogger Pro

the problem: at the time of the meeting, I was pregnant with twins. And Kuala Lumpur – Paris, it’s been 10,000 km still.

the solution: I took a plane ticket and I’m here in Paris, it’s as simple as that. 14 hours of flight, with the agreement of the doctor’s. And scoop: this isn’t me flying the plane, so I took advantage of the flight to rest.

to “monetize” this trip, I had 3 interviews with experts in my field.

2. Internet connection not on top

the problem: in my building in Kuala Lumpur, the Internet connection was not reliable or fast. (Vehemently) petitions of tenants with the ISP have nothing changed.

the solution: take patiently and organize. Download 3 videos blogger Pro in advance when the connection is good. Write articles in Word when the connection is in curtain.

3. Lag

the problem: it’s crazy like lag, it can be scary! Suffice it to say an expert, for example “I’m in Kuala Lumpur so home he is + 6 hours compared to you” and there was panic aboard. A vestige of our bad memories of math at school ?

the solution: never talk about jet lag. Propose simply “are you available at 10: 00. If ever your interlocutor is the fact that the notion of lag exist somewhere in the universe, specify simply “are you available at 10: 00 (Paris time).

4. Training


I’m a beginner, how can I?

the problem: when creating my blog, we’re often starting in its field. Or beginner-intermediate. In any case, rarely expert. So it is necessary to train, to learn to bring value to its readers. Except that of course, the courses that interest you are… in France. And except to be expat in Belgium at 1 h 30 by TGV, you can’t do back and forth.

the solution: Welcome to the wonderful world of MOOC! With platforms like EdX, Coursera, FutureLearn, you can access today of your couch – wherever it is placed on the planet – in the course of the world’s best universities. The themes are so varied that you are bound to find thatLas thing in your area. Personally, I did some excellent courses of positive psychology, pedagogy, neuroscience…

5. Interview experts

the problem: experts in your field are not easily accessible. Besides, you know none personally, so it’s going to be complicated. And being at the other end of the planet, it will be even more complicated.

the solution: offer them an interview by Skype! But be careful, when you live abroad, social networks and other online communication tools are becoming second nature. Think that this is not necessarily the case of the expert you contact. He does not know Skype? Briefly explain how this works and send him the link to installation, guide them step by step. By doing this, you create the link, you will have taught him something and he will be grateful.

to stay motivated during the crossing of the desert , when you feel alone to row away from your readers, away from other bloggers, away from experts, away from training you dreamed, the think about this: being abroad, you offer your readers a unique on your topic, enriched by your experience abroad enriched a thousand discoveries you make on a daily basis in your new environment.

so, Act!

Magali, blog Parents from 21 th century

photo Credit: StockRocket, Fotogestoeber, ZoneCreative, Maryam 62

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