How to backup my OneNote notebooks? [Quick Guide]

7:18 pm May 4, 201715354

I. introduction

about a year ago, I was starting in the use of OneNote for taking organized notes… However, a case, a bug, or mishandling. Made me lose all my notes… I have not managed to get back them. Let’s say that I was

rather cold to the idea of working with this tool.

Well, the time for passed, I wanted to get. Now, I use OneNote on a daily basis, but of course before you get I watched carefully the part backup notes and its notebook .

Today, I share with you through this tutorial some information that you will watch over your notes and retrieve them when needed. The OneNote backup will have no secrets for you 🙂

come on, here we go…!

II. set up OneNote backup

first of all, to open OneNote and click on “ file” at the top left of the interface. Click then on “ Options” to access the configuration of the OneNote application.

In the section “ save and save ” we’re going to set the options OneNote backup ; What interests us strongly.

What you should remember:

  • by default, your notes are stored in your personal profile within the local “AppData” directory in a folder named “OneNote” under ‘Microsoft’. You can change this directory if you need to move the backups on a personal space on a server, for example. In the default “OneNote” folder, a subfolder ‘Save’ will be created and then there will be a subfolder by Notepad with each backup of its sections.
  • You can set the time interval for the backup of your notebooks (“ automatically back up my notebook according to the time interval indicated “) as well as the number of backup to keep (“ number of backup copies to keep “).
  • You can decide whether to save notebooks stored on SharePoint, which will themselves be saved by the SharePoint.

On the occasion you can also trigger a manual backup of your notebooks by clicking on the button “ backup all notebooks now “.

In the backups directory, you can view backups already. At the beginning there will be few files…

… But after some time, there will be a nice history of your notebooks (depending on the configuration of the backup that you performed)…

Here’s what to know about backup setting in OneNote , but we’ll see a different approach to the question just after.

III. where is stored my OneNote

If you return to the menu “ file”, then under “ information” you can view your different notebooks. Click the button “ parameters ” to the left of one of them, then “ properties “. Like this:

in the properties, you can see the name, as well as a very interesting information: the location. You can see in my case, that Notepad is directly hosted on SharePoint – it is a Notepad associated account user Office 365.

By clicking on the button “change location ” you can decide to move your Notepad on a place that you are backing up already, which is another way to manage backup your Notepad.

If I go within the SharePoint sync on my computer via OneDrive, there is indeed that it is stored here. Finally, because it is a shortcut internet (there is a little cheating on the part of OneNote…) who returns to the SharePoint of the company. For example, clicking on the link we can edit the notebook directly on OneNote Online.

Now it of your turn to find the formula that suits you best, but in any case do not neglect the backup of your notebooks because they take quickly to the importance and scope.