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you want to insert in Word special characters? Then you read in this post how you incorporate the symbols and characters in texts.

  1. special characters insert to insert a special character, click the Insert – symbol .
  2. you see a few icons.
  3. to see more special characters, click further symbols .
  4. as next appears a window with two tabs.
  5. you can symbols or select special characters .
  6. a symbol of einzfügen, click Paste on the character, and then click .
  7. S o, which ends up the symbol at the point in the text where the insertion point is located. Once you have inserted all the symbols, click on connect .
Einfüge-Fenster für Symbole und Sonderzeichen in Word
insert window for symbols and special characters in Word

phone symbol Word insert

If you want to insert the phone icon, follow steps 1 through 5 in the instructions above. Then it goes on:

  1. click font on the arrow down.
  2. find the font Wingdings out.
  3. can be found in the first line of the phone. The character for the character code 40.
Telefonsymbol Word
the phone in Word, see the Wingdings font.

special characters through Unicode type if you know the four-digit Unicode of a character, you can enter it without going through the character map Windows directly in Word.

  1. you need first the desired four-digit code for the desired character.
  2. as you determine, shows find special character code. There the trademark character was sought as an example™, which is the hexadecimal code 2122.
  3. type the four-digit code, for example a 2122 in the normal text.
  4. mark the four digits and press the key combination [Alt + C] .
  5. Word now replaced the mark by the selected special character.

the method via [Alt + C] works in the normal text, but not in the input fields of the programme. If you want to use for example the replacing function, that doesn’t work. Here, you must instead use the combination of [Alt + X] .

Word 2007 Suchen und Ersetzen Sonderzeichen
Word find and replace special characters

outside of Word characters table Windows Help .

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