How to activate Daydream on my smartphone and where to buy the Daydream VR Google? [Exclusive Guide]

1:42 am April 4, 201712031

all Android smartphones on the market are not necessarily compatible with Daydream, the virtual reality of Google platform. However, it is possible to force compatibility with a small handling.

Google Daydream is the new platform of virtual reality of Google, it allows to take advantage of several dozens of games and applications optimized for virtual reality. Today, there are only a few officially compatible with Daydream smartphones , which have a resolution and a sufficient power to take advantage of applications using virtual reality technology.

However, it is possible to activate Daydream with any smartphone under Android Nougat by making a small handling. For this, your smartphone must be roote , with all that this includes (loss of possible warranty, some application compatability, etc.). If this is the case or if you really want to test Daydream on your smartphone in the rootant for the occasion with the many tutorials available on the forum , here is the manipulation to make:

  1. in first install Root explore , Google VR Services and Google Daydream
  2. with Root Explorer , open the file handheld_core_hardware.xml in /system/etc./permissions/ and edit
  3. search for the tag “Root Permissions” and add: (attention to typography, we recommend to directly copy and paste to avoid errors)
  4. save the file and restart your smartphone
  5. the next time you open the application of Daydream , you can pair it with a compatible helmet Daydream and download applications Daydream on the Store.
  6. congratulations, you’re ready for the VR on Android!

to even more complex the task, the only compatible headset currently available on the market, the View Daydream Daydream, is not available in France. You can easily order import at several retailers, but guests not or partially of the manufacturer’s warranty.

as for now the helmet is not intended for a French release, it is possible until import headphones thanks Viabox sites or Shipito and the Google Store via a VPN (like Opera VPN ). Attention to customs charges and VAT, which can be added to the note. We had spent some time ago an article on this second service return , very useful to deliver products from the United States without paying too much.