How refresh Windows 10 to start from scratch? [Quick Guide]

5:13 am January 28, 20178612

I. introduction

from Windows 8, Microsoft for incorporated a feature that is used to refresh Windows, or rather to update it, handing it to zero actually. With the possibility to keep the data on the machine, the settings, and the software will be deleted. Need to redo facilities by hand, except in special cases with applications Windows Store.

With Windows 10, this process is always available to allow users to restore dynamism to their work stations. Reminder: how refresh Windows 8?

What is interesting is to keep its data, because it’s still annoying to have to move its data before reinstalling. For my part, I perform the operation on the 1607 Build of Windows 10, but that goes for the other builds.

II. refresh your PC

click on the start menu of Windows 10 and go to the settings panel via the gear icon. Then, search for ‘reset’ in the search box and take “reset the PC.


You will be redirected to the recovery of the parameters area, and you can start the reset the PC, like this:


choose to keep your files, or not. If you choose to delete everything, be sure to back up your data beforehand to avoid any loss of data.


Wait a few minutes for the preparation of the operation. If you work on a laptop, connect to the sector beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Windows clearly states you its intentions: Windows will be reinstalled without deleting your data, however applications will be uninstalled and the Windows settings again by default. Click ‘Reset’ to begin.


Then, depending on the speed of your PC, the process will be more or less long, count, say, 15-20 minutes.


After the reset, you will get a machine newly resettled, with your data on it, and frankly it’s been several times that I use this process and it’s really effective. Especially, it is within the reach of everyone!

I want to clarify that you find on the desktop of your refreshed machine a file containing a list of applications installed before the refresh operation.