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this guest article was written by Julie blog Fitnessement –

écrire article de blog

write in a blog, to embark on the adventure of writing, is to agree to be seen and read. If you are stressed out at the thought of you reveal on your keyboard and you expose on the web, here is an off-road method to learn how to write effectively.


when I started blogging and so to write, it seemed to me that I was leaving not quite from scratch. Indeed, I followed long academic studies, which means on the inevitable reports, briefs and partial. Writing don’t scare me so. In all these years, I did have the right to spelling, grammar or syntax errors. Finally, my previous job was precisely to write texts, brochures and signs for the public. With all this, it seemed to me that I was well equipped to write. However, with the blog, I discovered a different reality, because to be a blogger, I needed to go beyond what I knew so well.

in this article you will read how:

1. I’m starting

I sign up on Upwork and I get my first order.

2. I force me to a methodology

I control the number of words, key words, SEO and the catchphrases.

3. I develop my skills

I train to writing and research on many topics, I recognize my limits.

1. I’m starting

since I need to learn to write in a Blog style for the largest number, I choose a formula to learn fast and especially radical, I register for work on Upwork.

that Upwork?

is an international platform where the freelancers offer remote their writing services, computer or even created, the platform if occupant to manage payments and administrative documents between the parties. It is quite simple and very well designed. My strength is writing, a good french and an easy essay I naturally selects the category writing, proofreading and correction in french.

I subscribe without really knowing where I’m going:

to meet proposals targeted to editors of articles in french, I start by filling out an information sheet. I put forward my writing skills, I note a certain french touch of my style, I propose a very good level of french, to editorial, writing easy, fast and a great syntax, all argued by a level of studies and experiences.

it should be noted, that no evidence of everything I don’t never was requested of me. However, customers can leave notes and comments to your topic; Therefore, it is best not to lie.

my first order:

comment j'ai appris à écrire

quickly, I receive a first order: an article in naturopathy to write in three hours, 500 words, badly paid (but you gotta start). Sounds easy, I have a Naturopath friend, so I know what it is. However, I’m at work and a meeting is about to begin. For this first article I need time, but I have not, but I have to prove myself. So I am here in meeting room (which for the good idea to start late) after running WiFi, listening with one ear the theme of the day while writing on naturopathy. In short, I’m doing and I get a first contract. Orders start to arrive and so I write for several months on all kinds of subjects.

2. I force me to a methodology

requires the drafting of an article meet certain criteria specific to the Web and its readers.

control the number of words:

the number of words is usually imposed by the client. The number of words in an article is a very interesting learning. It requires to control my vocabulary and he determines a certain type of article.

the item is short, more the writing style must remain simple and powerful, because the reader is tempted to read it on a diagonal for the essential.

long article, i.e. beyond 700 words about, will be preferably structured according to a logical and well-argued. The reader must be worn, he must tell her a story and retain it until the end

Lastly, upon re-reading the article, corrections made as and when inevitably change the total number of words. The job then becomes relevant because to sufficiently master the french to rephrase sentences while maintaining the purpose and continuing the count. I now tend to impose a number of words for my own articles. This exercise allows me especially to determine the type of article that I want to post.

use key words:

the customer generally impose the keywords to use as well as their percentage of presence. I must admit to be relieved when these elements are specified, as is a crucial indication among all information provided. It allows you to target the customer’s expectations and will be used in SEO.

key words imposed by non-francophone clients me have however sometimes troubled. Do you know the podiatrist ? Don’t you think that “Window PVC South Shore” is grammatically difficult to cram into a sentence? These customers understand sometimes difficult that in french we will not remove accents. Never mind, fantasy is sometimes imposed in my articles and I also used the franglais.

find a catch phrase:

each of my articles begins with a catch phrase. This is especially important for short articles to the attention of the reader. I therefore implemented a repertoire of forms catchy and adaptable to many topics.

3. I develop my skills

a quick writing system:

being poorly paid, I believe that writing each article must be fast. If all first orders asked me two hours of work, a month later, it takes more than thirty minutes for me to complete a short article.
My tip? the Dictation on my computer that allows me a fluid and effective writing. I thus learn new techniques on my computer.

I’m doing research:

I get many orders on tax, bank loans, and doctors at the Canada. Do not speak these topics, I have to perform searches. However, in order to reduce my working hours, I decided to target them. It turns out that, for the short articles, information need not to be developed. On the other hand, to the longer articles, they must be more argued. I learned my methods of web searches using key words, SEO and fast playback.

I’m working on incredible topics:

thanks to Upwork, I’ve flown over taxation in Montreal, promoted the sale of air compressors or even corrected a technical brochure on Indian tractors. I opens my mind.

I don’t have to do the impossible:

it is impossible to cheat on Upwork. Unsatisfactory items can generate bad visible comments by all. I am not trying to go beyond my capabilities.

I don’t trust myself

I note that I lack of efficiency at certain times of the day. So, based on my fatigue , I have to plan orders. I learn to know myself.

I’m back:

convinced my versatility, I thought at the beginning of this adventure, be able to work on all requested topics. My limits are clearly appeared to me when I accepted an order for a pro software. Instead of stubbornly, I chose call the client and confess my inability to deal satisfactorily with my subject. I’m happy for being honest.


In a few weeks only, I learned to write articles on many topics quickly and efficiently.

if the drafting exercise never scared me, this learning with Upwork enabled me to realize how much writing on the web for its own requirements. My original style wasn’t hitting, because too literary.

  • I learned to master the use of key words, which is very useful to me now.
  • I learned to optimize my writing time by leveraging my computer in a different way.
  • I learned to write on subjects that I didn’t know. I have implemented a research methodology to find quickly and efficiently the sites of information on various topics.
  • I learned to optimize my time.
  • I know the attention of readers in just a few words, because I trained to do. I can deal with many topics, but with limits however.
  • I learned to control my writing style, read my writing effectively, to use a writing/proofreading process according to my time and my availability.

in conclusion, I recommend this interesting experience at all. In just a few weeks, Upwork for taught me more than any other method of writing.

Julie of the blog Fitnessement –

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