How can I leave a WhatsApp group? (Android)

6:57 am January 23, 201715250

above all the users with a large contact list know about this problem. One is constantly invited into new groups, and to the friend not to throw to accept the invitations. Unfortunately it leads often to that, you will quickly lose the overview, because friends are reported all posts in all groups. Many people ask themselves “how I leave the Group actually?”. There are 2 quick ways.


  • in chats briefly touch the unwanted group and hold until a check mark icon will appear, after you pressed the three points icon in the upper right corner.

  • now opens a context menu, press on the top option “leave group”.


  • chooses the unwanted group and now click on the three points icon

  • opens a context menu, now you click on the top option “Group Info”

  • the Group info view at the bottom you have to the opportunity to leave the Group

  • now all leads a group finally out to clear your history Steps of the second solution, “group did leave instead of the way” you now the option “Delete Group”.

I hope I could help you further.