How a website can boost the activity of a business 1.0? [Quick Guide]

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what a website can boost the activity of a business 1.0?

by Hugues Courcier

site internet booster activite this guest article was written by Hugues Courcier of AddictGroup

faced with the advent of digital, all types of businesses trying to break through on the Web in hopes of attracting more leads on their website. This is especially the case for pure plays (web sites that pull all of their turnover via their e-commerce site), but also for the brick and mortar (who have a physical sign and a website and companies which generate their revenue through these two channels).

but what is the web strategy for a trader who wishes to expand my business online? Here are answers below.

1. Why surf the wave of mobile to attract more customers?

any merchant (restaurant, hairdresser, bar, bakery, food truck…) put primarily on the geographic location of my local in order to attract the maximum number of customers. However, an online strategy is not to neglect and especially for industries that record a high demand on the internet.

a factor for helped number of merchants increase their turnover and the number of leads on the internet: mobile. Indeed, so the number of queries on mobile for exceeded the number of applications on desktop , it is worth noting that about 88% of Internet users on average use the mobile to search for information about a local business and 50% are going to store within 24 hours of their research.

as a result, a local SEO strategy is paramount for any merchant wishing to increase the number of visits to its web site and the volume of sales or leads.

2. How a blog can boost your business 1.0?

attract visitors, it is well, hold them and push them back to your site, it’s better! For this, the publication of unique and relevant content is necessary in order to seduce the visitor, and this, on a regular basis.

do not hesitate to use tools like Google Trends to find the discussed topics on the Web on your field of activity. You will be likely to attract more visitors, that’s undeniable. Also think about being original, this factor you will differentiate you from your competitors and will encourage your visitors to return to your site to other articles.

in addition, publishing relevant articles to blogs and the subject generates demand on search engines plays a vital role in the SEO of your site. The goal of this article is not to give you a course on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but you should be aware that your blog articles, if they are well positioned in Google for example, are likely to bring you a high volume of visits, allowing you to increase your number of leads or sales. You must also make sure that your web site is optimized for local SEO in order to attract the maximum number of potential customers (a topic that will be discussed in another article).

for your trade, the use of a blog can help you stand out from your competitors . First, it will allow you to retain your visitors by providing a more in-depth user experience. These articles will encourage your customers to return to your website to read your blog posts, which will contribute to the increase of your website statistics.

even more, creating a blog can help you strengthen your brand . Providing advice to your customers or high value-added content, you extend the customer experience , a formidable customer loyalty strategy that can allow you to more profitable business. It is worth noting that the customer acquisition costs are significantly higher than the costs of customer loyalty, this strategy will allow you to maximize the financial performance of your business.

beyond the impact of the referencing on the traffic to the web site of your trade (which you will acquire new customers through the internet channel), should not forget to highlight your website in your trade. Sign, poster, TV, flyers, etc., all means are good to include the link to your Web page. In addition, do not hesitate to encourage your customers to visit your web site by presenting oral profits (regular blog posts, online only promotions…) so start customer loyalty process.

3. How to increase the number of readers of your blog articles?

when a visitor arrives on one of your blog posts, the first objective is primarily read your article in its entirety. In a second time, my behavior will depend on your strategic choices. At that moment, two choices you:

  • you decide to optimize your conversion rate to encourage the visitor to contact your business by mail or telephone with a call to action within your blog post buttons.
  • you decide to extend the duration of visit implementing links to other articles in blog (of the type “to read also… ‘ or ‘as mentioned in the article…).

in any case, you must absolutely the purpose of your blog . Most of the time, the pages of the site allow your visitors informed about your business while the blog about news around your field of activity. You can determine the strategy based on your goals and expectations.

this guest article was written by Hugues Courcier of AddictGroup