Here are three online courses Udemy you should follow [Exclusive Guide]

2:01 am April 19, 201714805

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want to change jobs or to acquire new skills? Udemy gives you all the keys to success .

after leaving the University, diploma, professional reorientation is sometimes difficult. Realize years later that our branch can offer us nothing and resume studies or training is a course to cross, if possible of financial funds.

in these cases of figure, and in those where the online training appears as a solution, the platform Udemy offers courses on various subjects at very affordable prices . Business, design, marketing, personal development, each course is framed by professionals who give complete courses in a very condensed way.

the importance of layout

if we started initially by redo this CV? Exit pages on Word where follow monotonous way lines of professional experiences in a font more than doubtful, or even difficult to read. Make a dynamic CV on the web? Why not, but without knowledge of the tools, test often turns into uninviting document.

the solution often lies in the simplicity, or rather the brevity. Today, a CV must be visually striking, the information must be legible almost instantly. He insists that the text is concise, brief, and well-designed. This kind of page layout requires mastery of a few rules for clarity, as the size of the text, its police (avoid fonts Impasto, or too convoluted graphic style: it’s not sophisticated, it is unreadable), determine visible categories (box, color code, fat police…)

repeat your resume on InDesign!

If you do not want to spend hours to match your text by calculating how many times you have to press “enter” or the “tab key” to make clean, you can always train on the Rolls Royce the text layout: InDesign. Used by most of the professionals, then InDesign Adobe is certainly a proud Steed difficult to tame, but turns out to be a loyal companion on many occasions. Every detail of a page can be changed at will. It is possible to integrate a logo, a visual identity to the millimeter, or to integrate geometric shapes to highlight your text. You can also set up precisely the Colorimetry of your document, in order to prepare printing to the desired format (think of your business cards!).

your first game on Android is at your fingertips .

Udemy accompanies you in your training

If you are interested in the multitude of opportunities available on InDesign, Udemy offers to train you on this software in an hour, with a participation of 15 euros . Guided by your trainer Mélanie Duroux, UX Designer by profession, the course is divided into different steps, quick and easy to assimilate. In an hour of time, you can easily circumnavigate the software and see its features in outline.

want to deepen your knowledge? Other more detailed training are also available on the platform . If there is need to train you on another software, Udemy offers more than 45,000 courses various, what to find happiness. And if you really do not want to use InDesign, you can also master Word !