Have an international credit card in Tunisia (2016/2017)

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Hi all.
Lately Neteller, Bank online the most used in Tunisia, sent an e-mail to all Tunisian residents who use are E-Banking service saying that society Paysafe who is behind Neteller will block access service Net +, Neteller proposed years ago, Tunisian residents.
IE, trying to rephrase what I said, Neteller will only deprive the Tunisian residents who have Neteller accounts to generate news cards Net + (virtual and physical) and cards Net + not expired will expire on 24 November 2016 (depending on the release of Neteller).
That said, the Tunisian must find alternatives to Neteller and especially the new access to international banking cards of Mastercard or Visa card type.

That is, so I’ll try in this article to give alternatives to Neteller for Tunisian residents. Also, I will update this article as soon as a new method is available for Tunisian residents and she doesn’t understand any risks on the side of safety and reliability.

However, prior to the presentation of alternatives to Neteller, I would like to introduce my philosophy behind this article.
I think very seriously that the Tunisian Central Bank is behind the blocking of Neteller and before him to Advcash and many other services of E-Banking in Tunisia. That said, the use of ‘Fiat Money’ traditional /devises will be always surrounded by the Central Bank in Tunisia and hyper limited by other banks all over the world (the E-banking or banks real self).
My philosophy sees as a passage imperative to cryptocurrencies is required. That is to say, put an end to the traditional currencies and touch the new forms of electronic currencies such Bitcoin and the Altcoin.
You, my dear readers, wondering what is this imperative passage? And why do? and what are the benefits of this passage?
Basically the answer to these questions can be described in five points:

  • anonymity

  • security
  • you’ll be your own banks
  • cryptocurrencies and especially the Bitcoin have the potential to touch all corners of the payment on the internet
  • the use of the cryptocurrencies is open to everyone. No geographic or ethnic discrimination or other forms.

that said, you will have total control of your money, and you won’t need to spend your money or receive money over the internet through third-party agencies/companies/banks online.
among other things, if you still want to have international banking cards I’ll suggest later online banks that accept Bitcoin or one of the Altcoin as a means of deposit with the possibility of having to type Mastercard virtual cards and especially Tunisians who accept in their E-banking platform.

Online Banking: E-corner

simply create an account on e-corner and check it with a copy of your CIN and a gas or electricity bill or a bank statement. Then place your Bitcoin which will be exchanged for Euros or Dollars according to the current price of Bitcoin in the global exchange platform. Funds in Bitcoin transformed into Euros or Dollars will be used to power one or more e-cards you need to order after e-corner site. A MasterCard at e-corner costs roughly $ 3 with immediate delivery and it is acceptable everywhere where Mastercard cards are accepted, that is to say almost everywhere on the internet.

NB: I do not recommend you to order a physical card, because I think that the customs body in Tunisia will confiscate such maps. The risk is real, but you can always test whether you can have the physical card e-corner or not. I recommend you to come back on this article and share your experiences with other readers of this blog.

online banking: Spectrocoin

the Bank online Spectrocoin accepts the Tunisians on its E-Banking platform and offers the possibility to make deposits in Bitcoin and Dash (a similar to Bitcoin Altcoin). And the funds in Bitcoin or Dash can be converted in euro or Dollar or BPG or other.
Spectrocoin also offers the opportunity for Tunisians to have an international credit card to type Mastercard can be used everywhere where Mastercard cards are accepted.
that said, to have access to this service of Spectrocoin you must check your accounts with a CINEMA and an electric or gas bill or a bank statement (I recommend you to check the necessary documents for the verification of accounts Spectrocoin on their official website).

Virtual map of Spectrocoin costs around € 0.5 with immediate delivery.

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