Hard disk format in Windows

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this article explains how to format a hard disk in Windows. Warning: This will erase all data.

hard drive formatting

this guide works for all drives other than the system disk from Windows (usually the drive C 🙂 is. See how you format the system drive later in this tip.

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Tip: if required, the drive is not visible, it must be initialized may be .

formatting step by step press the key combination [Win –  R]

  1. and enter explorer . Press [Return] .
  2. computer or (Windows 7), you open this PC (Windows 8/10).
  3. click with the right mouse button on the disk that you want to format.
  4. then select the context menu the entry format .
  5. when next you see the formatting menu of the disc.
  6. enter a label for the disk. In the normal case, let quick formatting enabled.
  7. then click on start , to format the hard drive.
  8. you confirm the following warning OK .
  9. after a short time, the formatting of the hard disk is complete. All data on the hard disk are deleted!

Tip: quick format deletes only the file table, so the contents of the drive. For the operating system it looks then, as if the plate was empty. Only for problems with the disk, turn off this option.

Formatierungs-Dialogfenster in Windows 7
formatting dialog window in Windows 7

C: drive format (system disk)

format c: / s is no longer

to format in Windows the drive with the drive letter C: is not so easy. Just type in format c: / s no longer works. The reason for this is that usually this hard disk partition from the operating system starts. And Windows is not himself with so reasonable format, c: to make the kill.

also via the context menu of the C: drive no longer works formatting, you will then get the error message:

“you can this volume format

contain the version of Windows that is used at the moment.” Formatting this volume the computer is no longer working.”

Win7 kann Laufwerk C nicht formatieren
Win7 C drive can not format

C: drive format

  1. insert Windows installation DVD, reboot your PC and choose the DVD drive as the source, where appropriate, in the boot menu to boot the installation media.
  2. in the first dialog box, confirm the language settings.
  3. in the next screen, select the item now install . The following is a load break and the display of the licensing conditions, confirm.
  4. opt in the next dialog box custom for the Variant.
  5. now you get a list of partitions, and displayed. Select the point below drive options (Advanced) , so that format in the list of possible operations below the point of appears.

    Win7 Formatieren mit Setup-DVD
    Win7 identify formatting with Setup DVD

  6. you those entry in the list that corresponds to your C: drive and click on the list entry to highlight it. Usually, it is the “disk 0, partition 2”, because “1 Partition” is an only about 100 MB big drive on the Windows files gets into the startup.
  7. identification, you can compare the displayed drive size to your C: drive.
  8. If you select now formatting still a security prompt is displayed and the process will start. This moves the arrow cursor in the Win7 usual, moving ring.
  9. the process is over when it resumes the normal arrow. Otherwise, there is no special message.
  10. you can now easily turn off the computer or press the reset button. The drive is formatted.

formatting is not suitable for the secure deletion of data. Because experts still get to the stored data. To prefer to use a program such as DBAN, which is explained here: hard drive delete and data safely remove .

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