GPS without internet connection: the best apps for Android [Exclusive Guide]

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thanks to smartphones with built-in GPS now, pedestrians and cyclists can easily find help when they find themselves lost. But it is also possible to get lost in the middle of a cornfield in the depths of the countryside where the 3G and 4G can be poor, from which this selection of the best GPS Android apps to use offline.

nokia renvendre here maps disparation GPS

our smartphones have become much more important than simple phones: they are our daily companions, allowing us to be in touch with our loved ones to be able to go join them in good holiday off.

When you think navigation and smartphone, it’ll look directly at Google Maps and its many features . But this is not necessarily the ultimate solution for specific uses, such as in car or hiking unless you have previously downloaded the area you want to explore.

So it is time to well set your GPS hook , fasten your seat belts and go to uncharted territory a break from this noisy daily. For this, we offer 9 GPS offline apps to download to your phone.

Top 9 best GPS Android applications to be used offline

Google Maps

Google Maps now that can work in offline mode, there is no reason that it is not in this selection. A very interesting option for fans of the Google GPS who regularly go abroad and can thus use the application without having to sacrifice their package data or just simply in areas or the mobile network is average.

Enjoy it, to first download the maps corresponding to the areas that you want to visit but simply thinking about before and this will be the only constraint. You will then have access to all the features of the app on the download area.

Here Maps

Impossible to not start with this application. Initially installed natively within the terminals Nokia, the geolocation service now owned by BMW, Daimler and Audi, is one of the best on the market.

A hundred destinations, all easily downloadable, you have traffic in real time, information on the and road network in more than 40 countries . Here Maps also provides maps of domestic buildings (airports, malls), transit cards,… Here Maps remains a prerequisite for anyone loving travel off the beaten path.

Android Nokia Here

Navigon by Garmin

, it is for truly professional kilometres throughout the year. Designed by the leader of the Garmin GPS, Navigon can make you eyes out of your head when you see its price.

Mainly developed for the road, it will provide you with all necessary information, views of panels to advances it to the traffic information, the calculation in real time of your itinerary, and many more are still available (in app purchase). You will understand, this is an application for those wanting the best left to pay the price because it is intended for those who do not have a minute to lose on the road.

Navigon Garmin GPS Hors-connexion

Sygic Navigation & Maps

it is one of the classics in terms of offline navigation but also the mapping. Produced by one of the pillars of the GPS, TomTom, this application has the peculiarity to not depend on Internet access, Sygic Navigation & Maps relies on GPS to your terminal .

The application offers the first 7 days of use for free, before you have to pay a license to enjoy my GPS. € 19.99, you enjoy lifetime Europe maps. 24.99 euros, you can add real-time traffic info. Once again, an application that turns before professionals.

Android Google Play GPS hors-connexion

coPilot GPS

CoPilot is becoming increasingly scale of our days, and I must say that its navigation service is very efficient. It offers even the map France free , and is updated on a regular basis to follow the needs of the users.

In a friendly and colorful interface, you will find most of the features of the competitors. However, the focus is on the recognition of the points of interest around you, you can easily reach by using this application. It contains in-app purchases.




free, this app is really a good surprise. It offers maps very detailed and referenced. Enforcement remains one of the best when it comes to maps to consult offline. was once paid, good news, now you can download it without paying a dime, but even without that, it would be part of the top of the best GPS apps. gps hors-ligne

Maverick GPS

Maverick GPS navigation hors-connexion

in two versions, one free and the other pay (€7.50), each offers its maps in offline mode. If Maverick GPS is not necessarily the most complete, it will still provide you with a substantial amount of cards and will make you service if you go hiking or even on a cruise.

he’s reference cycle areas, public transport networks. It is obviously possible to load maps by your own care in the application and that, this is a feature that you like.

GPS hors-connexion Maverick

locus card Pro

for €7.5 you can acquire Locus map Pro which focuses primarily on the hiker or cyclist. It allows you to download many of track cycling but also hikes or even ski slopes . You can also participate in treasure hunts held around the world thanks to the Geocaching Live service!.

The application is maybe not the most stable and has the misfortune of being paid, but it is really rich in information. You can always get an idea by downloading the special hiking that it, is free.

  • Locus card Pro Full Version to €7.5 :

Locus GPS hors-connexion

  • Locus map Free Version hiking, free :

Locus Randonnée GPS hors-connexion

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

OsmAnd cartes et navigation GPS et navigation

if the application design you do not particularly at first sight don’t to turn away immediately because its location offline services disappears this superficial detail. Its name comes from the source from which it takes its cards Open Street Maps, renowned for the quality of its international cards .

These data are stored on the phone memory and cost you no extra charge if you are abroad. The voice guidance, the display of the names of streets, the automatic recalculation of route, all this is free.

GPS OSMAND Cartes et Navigation


each of these GPS has real qualities, remains that some are more complete than any to thevery, necessarily. However, apart from Google Maps, newly arrived in this selection, it is clear that Here Maps remains perhaps the only real reference compared to the plethora of features available.

But like we said, the world of GPS is not limited to Google Maps and Nokia Here focus mainly on road traffic. Applications as Locus Maps or Maverick are quite relevant when you are outdoors, there where the network can run out or data so that your plan is exhausted.

Of course, on the road vacation, , follow our tips to stay connected safely behind the wheel . Once on site, with an effective internet connection, Google Maps could also be your best friend with all these tips . And feel free to share your tips between travelers in the comments!

GPS Android: best to replace Google Maps