Googling: Queries Google command line [Quick Guide]

11:24 pm March 30, 201710185

I. introduction

today I present to you Googling, a small handy tool that allows you to query Google quickly and simply order online.

Such a tool may seem a little too “geek” to be useful, but I used very often to perform quick searches, particularly in the context of Google Dorks (within an ethical framework of course 😉). But it can also be interesting for SEO in order to recover the position of its website for the same query from one day to the other (with a script, for example). In short!

II. Installation of Googling

the tool can be used in command line so (on Linux machines , if need be to clarify). We can find it on the Github of its author “jarun”:

if the command “git” is installed on your system , then simply run the following command:

 cd/opt git clone 

then we can enter the directory “Googling”


for information , Googling is based on command-line browser “lynx”. default installed under KaliLinux, you need to install it if you don’t have it on your system, under Ubuntu/Debian.

 apt - get install lynx 

also, Googling is written in python3, and therefore requires the installation of the package “python3”.

 apt - get install python3 

III. Usage examples

well, now that our tool is ready to be used, let’s see some examples of command. For a simple search, for example on “ unzip an archive tar.gz “.

. / Googling - np "unpack an archive tar.gz" 

and here is the result.

Result of a Google query via Googling

hence the title, URL and description of the first 10 responses.

For information, I always use the option “ – np ” that allows to enter in non-interactive mode. Googling makes the request, forwarding the result and we makes the hand. As you can see, there is also an interactive mode that allows to perform queries and browse through the browser “lynx”. one can then enjoy a set of “hotkeys” (shortcuts) that allow to navigate through these results.

HotKeys for the interactive mode of Googling

can also change the limit in the number of result desired with the option “ n

. / Googling - np "unpack an archive tar.gz" n 3 

can also change the start page, for example to view the results of page 2:

. / Googling - np "decompress an archive tar.gz" s 2 

I find interesting tool for my by mostly because it allows to use Google Dorks as well as via a standard browser. Example.

. / Googling - np 'site: it - archive tar.gz' 

the tool for other options which will allow to satisfy your queries, I find this kind of interesting tools, particularly because it offers the possibility to script some tasks/research.

Feel free to share your opinions in the comments!