Google Wizard: the French version is available on Google Hello [Exclusive Guide]

1:44 am May 10, 20176287

as of today, it is possible to use the Google Wizard in French within the e-mail Hello Google application. The opportunity to finally discover the possibilities offered by this artificial intelligence, while waiting to use it on Android by the end of the year 2017.

google assistant allo

a year, as part of the Google I/O 2016, Google unveiled the Google Wizard, a voice assistant designed for compete with Apple’s Siri , Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana frontally on Android. Alas, if English speakers take advantage of this wizard for several months now, the French version of Google Wizard will be available in September .

However, as of today, it is possible to discover Google francophone Assistant on Google Hello , the application of Google mail, also presented during the last I/O. Indeed, the wizard is now part of Hello in several languages different that that of Molière.

Google Wizard: a first look in the meantime the French version scheduled for September

within the application, the Google Wizard is registered as a contact . The user can have access to it text way, and ask all kinds of questions. Like Siri, the wizard is personified, and capable of answering questions about my personality, such as my age or preferences.

However, it is especially the ability to answering practical questions that make it useful. For example, since Google Hello, it is possible to ask the Assistant of information such as weather, news, or transport schedules. Similarly, the software is able to search a restaurant and to book a table or a cinema ticket. To save time, it can be invoked as part of a conversation with a contact in order to make an appointment quickly.

Remember that Google Hello is available for free on the Google Store. Despite strong competition in the field Express, Hello stands out by its many features and my quality of other Google services.