Google Wizard available in french on Android / iOS from summer 2017 [Exclusive Guide]

7:02 am May 18, 20179479

Google Wizard was released in conjunction with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL late last year, but the new personal assistant was not available in french… until now. During the Google I/O 2017, the developer for announced the availability of the wizard in french on Android like iOS in summer 2017.

Google Assistant disponible en français

in 2017, the trend on the software side is none other than the integration of artificial intelligence in our applications and devices, to improve functionality and interactions with users.

End of 2016, we discovered the Google Wizard the new virtual assistant of Google boosted to artificial intelligence, allowing it to maintain a natural conversation with the user. But it was still not available in France… until now.

Google finally Assistant in french from the summer 2017

at Google I/O 2017, the developer announced the availability of Google Assistant in France during the summer 2017. All Android devices using Marshmallow 6.0 or more will benefit.

But it is not everything, since it will be released also on iOS! You understand: the iPhone will likewise the right to Google Assistant . On this occasion, the service for also changed to include many new features.

Now, the same time unveiled Google Lens application is integrated into Assistant , allowing it to recognize your environment. For example, point the Assistant camera on a concert poster will allow you to save it to your calendar, or even to purchase tickets directly.

Translation Google Trad photo capacity is also directly integrated into the application. In the example, a menu is automatically translated into photo and you can directly ask what looks like the dish whose name appears. In sum, the wizard comes soon and always smarter, what finally enjoy it quietly in France!