Google translation becomes incredibly more powerful thanks to the artificial intelligence [Exclusive Guide]

11:29 pm November 16, 201614937

it seems that Google for decided to update its applications using machine learning, a part of the artificial intelligence capable of learning from its mistakes to maximize its potential. It now applies to Google translate, which becomes incredibly powerful as a result of this update with more expected to translations and precise. In short, more human.

google traduction

in a perfect world, we would all talk the same language and could therefore understand and understand different cultures of the world much more easily. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the perfect world and each country for its own character.

Remains that it was a difference that we can celebrate, but that does not help to break down cultural barriers separating us. It is however the mission of Google translation, the tool already very powerful Google to translate a text, a picture see even a live conversation in 103 languages.

This tool is updated today to finally incorporate what the developer presented us at its conference Made by Google: Neural Machine Translation . Using my first not in artificial intelligence, it succeeded to make Google Trad more efficient.

This process is used now for 8 different languages: English, french, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish. Eventually, it will be developed for 103 languages recognized by the tool.


what a change it brings? A more human translation simply able to recognize a text and translate it in a good way less robotic but natural to the language used. In my example, Google shows that the Neural Machine Translation greatly improves its automatic translation.

We feel that since the advent of Wizard, the developer is committed to use the machine learning in all aspects of its products to make them more efficient. Recently, it was the turn of Google Play music pass under this roping out grown . Hope that these efforts are paying off.

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