Google the Google I/O 2017 Assistant: the iOS app could be announced? [Exclusive Guide]

12:07 pm May 18, 20177673

The iOS version of Google Wizard could be officially announced as early as this week. If this announcement will delight fans of Google, they soon become disillusioned because only US users would access at launch. Google moved a step closer to world domination.

Google Assistant version iOS 2017

the big Google I/O conference takes place this week. It was during this event, which is held on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, as the iOS version of the standalone Google Wizard could be officially unveiled . Google Wizard, it’s this digital assistant of Google voice command, comparable to Siri, which could integrate the Apple iOS.

Welcome announcement of points to clarify

source of this information would be in an Android Police report, citing anonymous sources. Few details have leaked on the iOS version of Google Wizard, but it is likely that the voice command functions are combined with the chat functions of Google Hello.  Assistant personal digital will appear as a stand-alone application, which will be available for download through App Store.

But we also know that it will be not possible to configure the wizard as main voice of your devices . You will probably be forced to access it via the Google search application, when well even the giant will gradually integrate the wizard in my other iOS applications.

This is not really surprising, the wizard having already announced at the I/O from last year and created with Pixel of Google phones in the fall. Since then, he expanded to a host of other Android devices. t , it will be very interesting to see how Google Wizard will work on Apple products, which already for its voice assistant, Siri.

Google tries to get to the level of its competitors, Microsoft launched a version iOS and Android of Cortana, my digital assistant. Google does so a further step towards domination of world order. if the iOS version is not presented during the Google I/O, it is certain that it will be later in the year. It is unfortunate color iOS application is however reserved that American users at the launch, a worldwide release would probably be better. The Google I/O 2017 is to follow live with attention may 17 at 7 pm.