Google tests officially an index mobile first! Explanations. [Exclusive Guide]

5:15 pm November 8, 201615230

Google is currently testing a new mobile-first index based on sites mobile and responsive to classify the results of research on all other devices.

why Google tests mobile-first index?

so far, Google exclusively used my Desktop index to determine the rankings in the natural search results on mobile. Thus, if all sites were mobile-friendly, Google used its Desktop ranking for its mobile results.

a few months research on mobile on Google are more important than those on Desktop. Mobile users being the most numerous users to browse the web, Google can’t find more logical to analyse the content of Desktop pages to determine the global positioning of a site both on Desktop, Mobile and tablet. The search engine therefore wish to completely reverse my way to operate in analyzing mobile sites to determine the ranking of the site on all other devices !

currently in testing, this change will first be studied on a small scale in the coming months. However, the effective deployment of the mobile-first index could be current 2017.

Google mobile-first index: how to prepare for a possible update?

here are a few official recommendations of Google:

Google and the mobile-first index: what concrete changes to be expected?

currently in test, the new Google mobile-first index could have significant repercussions on the ranking of the sites on the results of Google desktop and mobile . At the time, however, Google for not really detailed my words about the actual textual content and the architecture of a site. Its recommendations are purely technical and fairly basic.

so, if it is common on Desktop to have mobile versions of many blocks of mesh or blocks of text across pages, are generally much more sleek. Which brings us to ask a few questions…

  • how Google will actually analyze the relevance of the content so few mobile versions have actually “main content” important?
  • the main content on desktop must be really equivalent to the main content on mobile?
  • Google really wants find all Desktop content in a mobile page?
  • the backlinks will play an even more important role than currently in the ranking of results if all mobile sites are pure content level?
  • if a mobile site created on a different URL for no backlinks, Google will take into account those of the Desktop version?
  • we have to allourdir our mobile pages to ensure our current SEO positions at the risk of altering the user experience?

If media sites are likely to be few problems with this new index mobile-first because of the typology of their very content-rich pages both on mobile and Desktop, how this will happen to the pages of e-commerce that are generally much poorer mobile sites?

we will likely have to answer to these questions over time. Pending deployment not confirmed this new index, consider enrichment in its mobile pages content could be paid.

do not hesitate to respond to this new mobile index first of Google in the comments if you have questions, comments, ideas to share.


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