Google testing the display of images to illustrate the mobile SEO results! [Exclusive Guide]

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Google test: images to illustrate the mobile SEO results!

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Google tests a new view of my mobile SEO results. This last don’t impact only part of the results. What are the impacts to be expected?

Google realizes to many A/B Testing on its search engine to improve its engine but also user experience to maximize its advertising revenues (with the deployment of the labels “ad” green for example).

a Google user based in the United Kingdom shared a Tweet with an attached screenshot which proves that Google is currently testing a new view of its Serps dedicated to mobile results. These new research results would include of images placed on the right of the Meta Description to illustrate the first 5 results SEO on some queries .

google test images SEO mobile

this screenshot presents only one of the many tests along the side of Google. However, if this optimization should be deployed, each mobile result would occupy much more space (in height) than now .

you can very well imagine that Google would take into account the images tagged with to go up one to the right of the Meta Description of the result. If this optimization came to see the light of day, it is not wonder that the click rate of the mobile SEO results in the Top 5 will increase at the expense of Adwords sponsored links (if that is the case, there will be anyway unlikely that Google deploys this optimization). Other SEO links located in position 6 or lower would also potentially see their rate dropped in favour of results in the Top 5.

this test has yet been observed only on Google search results on smartphone and not in desktop version. This same optimization had already been tested in 2014 by the search engine, the latter had then not made this test to all users. So there is little chance that this test would eventually be deployed to all mobile results.

Google testing the display of images to illustrate the mobile SEO results!

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