Google testing new views for its mobile results! [Exclusive Guide]

2:00 pm April 6, 201714360

Google for conducted regular tests on my research findings affecting both natural Google Adwords but also the results of research links. Some users have recently detected several new views to the natural results on mobile, Google could soon change them.

two users have recently detected mobile SERPs Google a little strange, one displaying the URLs of the sites and the breadcrumb to the title of the pages and the other showing “Tags” under the section dedicated to the URL. If these views are at the moment only the status of tests, that concerning the placement of the affected URL also ads Google Adwords as we can see from the first screenshot below:

changement résultat mobile google
in this example, the unique Adwords ad displays the URL and the label “Advertisement” before the title of the announcement. For SEO results, the same formatting is resumed, giving much more visibility to the URL as before.

If this change of placement of URLs may seem trivial, however, may be negative impacts on the CTR of the less known sites for the benefit of the most well-known sites. Furthermore, sites with clean and short URLs could also benefit from such setting in front of the URL.

fil ariane mobile google

in this another test, a new section “Tags” is added under the URL of the search results (left screenshot). Posted tags would be generated automatically by Google, they are of course linked to the content of the page but would offer no possibility of click to the user. Hard to explain the usefulness of such a change.

in the second screenshot, the breadcrumb is placed above the title of the search results. Here again,
such a change could encourage the sites known at the expense of the less known sites.

so we know not what are the objectives of these tests (improve the click rate on the ads, on natural links, decrease the bounce rate, decrease the pogo sticking, help users choose the right result based on the notoriety of the site (for the test on the placement of the URL)…), these changes are still in the status of tests and will not be deployed before a few weeks / months if they came to be conclusive for Google.


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