Google Sites: Create Web pages or a full site simply [Exclusive Guide]

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you want to simply create a presentation web page or a Web site? Then, the Google Sites solution is maybe the answer to your expectations. Because the new version of this application allows to realize ‘responsive’ sites very simply.

If you do not want to bother to launch a website with a solution like WordPress which is probably one of the best solutions on the market ( I’m developing more in detail here ) . You can easily create a Google Site.

Click here to create a Google Sites.

what is Google Sites?

this application allows you to perform a simple presentation web page or even a complete site in a few clicks. New version available since mid-November 2016 more to create more a site still more simply (interface complètement retravaillé) and publish websites ‘responsive’ (s’adapte à la plupart deles de supports matériels). 

below is a short video introducing you to the solution.

as shown in the video below, it is possible to easily insert a chart created on G-Sheets, document G-Docs, or a G-slide presentation, a simple “drag-and – drop. You can also add your text, links, images and videos, etc…

you can also resize simply most of the Insertable elements on your creation.

animation google sites

just resize a map under a Google Sites

very easy to access but…

this very relevant, certain person may however quickly feel ‘restrained ‘… Indeed, users more informed in terms of achievement web site may feel somewhat limited during the creation phase.

but let us not forget that this new version of the application is in its infancy. See if developments future we allow even more customization.

an extra edge for G Suite!

this application brings a very interesting answer to companies that actively use the G Suite tools or for individuals who want to create quickly and simply a site or a web page.

this solution allows to meet a need, as it allows to broadcast different kind of information more Visual and easier to extract.

you have tested the solution? feel free to share your different use cases in the comments below! 🙂

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