Google shows more SEO 10 results per page! What other developments? [Exclusive Guide]

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Google is known to make many A/B testing and perpetually change the display of its search results. If the Mountain View search engine officially wants to offer the best possible user experience, my choices however are not trivial and may affect the activity of referenced companies thanks to its engine.

in recent study by Searchmetrics , the tool studied recent developments in the natural results of Google (in the US). Here are some results that emerge from the study:

  • on average, only 8.6 traditional SEO results now appear on the 1st page of Google (blue links – Desktop)
  • on average, 8.5 SEO links appear on the first page of the natural search results of Google Mobile
  • 11.4% research date back on average an insert Google News on Desktop
  • 30.4% are looking for date back on average a location dedicated to Google Images
  • information from Knowledge Graph appear on about 20% of mobile and desktop research
  • 90% of the videos posted on the first page of Google are from YouTube

methodology: over 500,000 search results for common search terms have been analysed by Searchmetrics both on PCs and Smartphones. The study was conducted at the beginning of the year 2016, around week 14, it may still differ so that the current results of a similar study on time or we write these lines.

to download the study complete Searchmetrics, here appointment.

Google shows now, on average, 8.5 links SEO instead of 10 before

nombre résultats page 1 google

in the past, on the first page of the search engine Google, search results displayed 10 blue links for SEO results , today, the average is now 8.6 on the Desktop results and 8.5 on the natural results on smartphones . This evolution is the result of the integration of many new formats enriched in Google search results but not only.

inserts of the universal search (Google Images, YouTube, Google News, WAP (mobile) carousel videos, Google Maps local blocks) recent trends from the machine learning and Knowledge Graph (Answer Box, Related Questions, Fact box, carousel of films, block of promotion applications,…), Google has significantly changed its way of displaying results in 18 years of existence:

évolution résultats google

However , these new inserts that appear in the search are not solely responsible for this decline . Indeed, on queries brand , Google shows more than 6-7 links SEO . If you do the test with a big e-tailers French, you can observe that this type of specific search does not always return 10 results (all types).

how much of the Google search results contain what types of result?

évolution résultats recherche google

this table presents the percentage of requests that generate on average the appearance of X or Y element of universal search or the advanced search.

A for example, according to the data of Searchmetrics 2016, in 34% of analyzed queries were walk a block Google Images on the first page of Google search results .

this table shows numbers for searches from a PC and data from research conducted from a smartphone. For example, you can see Google goes back a lot less blocks Google Images on mobile devices than it does on computers.

the evolution of the Google search from 2013 to 2016: what changes?

évolution résultats 2013 2016

between 2013 and 2016, most of universal search inserts appear less and less with a drop dramatically for videos between 2015 and 2016 .

insert dedicated to the sites referenced on Google News also appears less and less with a steady decline between 2013 and 2016. The carousel AMP (appears only on mobile) has not been followed here, so there hard to bet the recurrence of display on mobile remains close enough to the previous years for sites that use the WAP technology.

when videos are displayed in the Google search results, what sites are?

site video recherches google

will have the best videos in the world, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos displayed in Google’s search results are 90% from YouTube .

Google shows 10 SEO results by page! What other developments?

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