Google puts an end to the false and wrong notes on the Play Store [Exclusive Guide]

1:05 am December 1, 201610690

Play Store sits on a very simple system to highlight some applications than others: rating, comments from the users and popularity. But these first 2 points had been defective by robots. Today, Google is developing a new detection system to finally banish the false notice of its application store.


Although smartphones themselves have much to offer, we can deny that makes all the salt experience is none other than what the developers think for us: the applications well obviously, without which our poor pocket computers would be well devoid of features.

On Android, there are many stores, but all are based on the official formula of the Play Store , which is the store run by Google itself and therefore takes no opening installation from unknown sources to work.

However, this one for a fundamental problem: wrong comments and wrong notes , often attributed by robots to move applications and games in the natural selection of the title. Google leaned on it, and decided to end.

the developer for indeed announced have improved its detection algorithm fake comments that takes care of automatically remove these. Mystery however whole rest about this improvement, this revealing not my house techniques.

You can therefore surf between the apps and games with much more serenity now, confident in the fact that its classification places are truly deserved.

Google for also warned developers that could fall under this new household unintentionally. Indeed, it is sometimes due to the marketing companies that these methods are applied, which could adversely affect a title unless they are to blame.

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