Google presents RAISR: pictures of better quality with artificial intelligence [Exclusive Guide]

12:46 am November 16, 20169475

Google for in mind to artificial intelligence in all the sauces on these services, using machine learning on all its platforms. After Google Wizard, it’s the turn of photos to turn under the roping thanks RAISIR. A new impressive technology that allows you to find a better quality from a low definition photo.

google-pixel-application-photo promotional photo of Google Pixel, for example

the biggest revolution that will have made smartphones is none other than bringing together into a single object of many devices in our daily lives. Smartphones will have thus superseded mobile phones, MP3 players but also, and above all, digital cameras.

Far are the times where you invested in these small devices: now, smartphones are taking the pictures for us. Nowadays, it is Google Pixel, who took the Crown of the best camera phone with a score of 89 in the DxOMark test .

And this one might just become even more powerful in the future, see even the simple application Camera Google, since the developer for submitted today RAISR (for Rapid and Accurate Image Super Resolution).

It is an algorithm out straight from Google Labs, and which allows to increase the definition of low quality automatically photos by finding an excellent quality. More than a simple upscaling, it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recreate the image in high definition . The result is stunning.

raisr-1 at the top: the original image. Down: after the passage of RAISR in x 2.

Although this technology is still experimental, the developer does not need to integrate in the future in the suites software Google. We also learn that could be implemented on mobile without any problems.

raisr-2 left: original version. Right: with RAISR, x 3.

Unfortunately, this technology will solve not the big problem with the camera of the Pixel Google, which sensor causes a halo on my photos. But in the future it could be used to improve the digital zoom of our devices for example.

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