Google “Possum”, a new updated algorithmic impacting local SEO! [Exclusive Guide]

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Google Possum (Possum): a new update which impacted local SEO results with full force! What concrete changes?

from September 1, 2016, many local SEO results have sudden variations of positioning. This update now bears a non-official name: Google Possum (Opossum in French). Here’s what we know changes related to this update.

what results are affected and impacted by Google Possum?

the only relevant results are the natural results displayed in the Google maps via Google My Business:
résultats SEO locaux Google

the local SEO experts estimated that this update is the most important since
Google Pigeon in 2014!

Google Possum: what major changes?

1 – local results close to the areas searched by Internet users are now better referenced : If so far only local results actually present in the location sought by the user back with Google Possum, now it will be different for the benefit of businesses close to locations, but until a few weeks ago, almost invisible. So, from now on, if someone searches for ‘restaurant + city’ or any other type of local search, Google will expand its business search to the nearby locations of the place wanted by the user.

2 – businesses with the same addresses and the same activity will now have less visibility : If several lawyers share a single address, although different companies, Google will only show one of the results to its users in its search engine. However, the user can find all the results when it will go into the details of local results.

3 – the location of the user now affects much more visible results in the Insert Google Maps than in the past : more a user is far from sought after location, more Google Maps offers a plan seen not zoomed with a different selection of companies.

4 – local SEO results fluctuate much more combinations of keywords , even for those close to each other with the simple reverse of location of a Word.  For example we tested by searching for ‘restaurant angers’ and “angers restaurant”, local SEO results are no longer the same:

mise à jour SEO local possum

example of the impacts of updating Google Possum on a SEO query local

you’ll notice that the map view is also significantly different : we get a zoomed in for the search ‘restaurant + city’ and a version zoomed for research “City + restaurant”.

5 – the organic results of Google filter, and the filter of the local results Google My Business are now less connected between them . For example, it is possible that a result filtered in the SEO results can appear in the 3 tops Google My Business results.

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Google “Possum”, a new updated algorithmic impacting local SEO!

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