Google Play Store: new icon for a new life [Exclusive Guide]

6:26 pm May 11, 201715537

Google does not to renew. The firm for just released the new version 7.8.16 of my Play Store. The latter contains a new icon for the application launcher and notifications. If it’s simple adjustments or patches, it is the kind of item you wouldn’t avoid because they allow to inform you.

Google Play Store nouvelle icône

Google prefers the triangle to the bag of races

farewell so Android Market, the last vestiges of which come to be buried by the new Play Store application icon. And it’s definitely the logo of Google Play you will see on your screens, without additional decoration. Simple, basic, effective because that more clear and more identifiable by users. However, not really big changes since this new logo still looks like Google Play on a plate.

Google for also decided in modify its icons of notifications which, it is true, could seem outdated and from another time. The former grocery tote bag pattern is abandoned in favor of the famous Google Play triangle. The logo is slightly adjusted with the brand that extends beyond the lines.

Also, News notification icons will appear different colors for each content store. That is, you will have a color for the notification of the applications, one for the books, another for movies, another for games, etc. On the other hand, regarding the notification for the stacked updates, she will form more than one block and it’s a unique triangular application icon that will be used in this case.

If you do not want to wait for Google to send you notification to download this new version, which can take a few days, you can find links on the Web allowing you to get the new Play Store, to modernize your notifications and aesthetics of your screens.