Google Play Store: € 46 applications and games available for free for a limited time [Exclusive Guide]

11:14 pm May 8, 201712886

Play Store often made many attractive offers during the year. This week, that’s € 46 games and applications that are simply free for a limited time. Take advantage of the offer to fill your smartphone with these applications all different but all useful.

Play Store

a smartphone experience is dependent on to a lot of things: material that it integrates for example, such as a fingerprint scanner, but also the features that my overcoat buying.

However, one cannot deny the important role of applications in the way we use our smartphones. While Google Play Store celebrated 5 years this year , beautiful promotions appear today on the online store.

Of the free apps and games on the Play Store

this week is for € 46 applications and games that are available on the Store. So take a look at the list:

do not forget that once validated installation These applications are saved to your account. Also, even if you’re not particularly interested today, he may want to blow simply save them for later access.