Google Play music: an interface magazine and artificial intelligence [Exclusive Guide]

1:00 am November 15, 20168418

on our smartphones, streaming services Music Unlimited are among the most used around the world and many competitors are at war for domination on this ground. Google’s part but a lot changed its application since its launch. This is changing now, as a new interface and artificial intelligence come within Google Play music.


our smartphones are as powerful as laptops from a few years ago, yet our usage patterns are always remained very close to what we were doing at the time of the portable classics: Entertainment and socialising are the two founding pillars of experience.

For this first point, force is to recognize that our smartphones have quickly replaced our MP3 players (see even CD or K7 for the oldest). With the coming many music streaming services , totally unlimited, it is difficult to return to old patterns of distribution in this industry.

The fight for the market share of this sector is particularly fierce, and Google will also get back to the level of its competitors. The developer for announced a new update to Play music, that fully reviewing its interface as you can see above.

This however isn’t the only change that will bring this update: at Google, artificial intelligence is fashionable and it will be used to refine the automatic playlists which make the charm of this application, in putting your listening while analyzing your tastes. The update is being deployed.

I must say that it was time that the developer is looking at its own app, which not really received major updates for a very long. When you know that competitors are about to drastically lower their prices , Google will truly have to be huge to not get left behind.