Google Photos: video stabilization arrives, and it’s impressive! [Exclusive Guide]

10:47 pm April 13, 20177593

Google Photos just got an update to version 2.1.3 is now available on the Store. This update introduces a new feature of video stabilization, expected since last August.

the new Google Photos video stabilization feature is hidden in the Videos of the Albums page tab. To use it, simply select a video, and then press the edition pen icon. Stabilize option is located on the next page, next to the Rotation option. Press the button to start the video processing. Once the process is completed, your improved video will be directly available.

It is still early to really judge this feature, but the first results are simply impressive. From time to time, the videos processed can seem a bit distorted , especially when it is a very important need for stabilization. Whatever it is, the record is much nicer than the original video. You can find an example through the video posted by YouTuber Daniel Stone on my channel.

Google Photos: a feature of video stabilization achieved by a trimming

one of the negative aspects of this feature is that the effect is obtained by a cropping of the video . Therefore, a part of the video is simply removed after treatment. This is the price to pay to get an image stabilized. It is your responsibility to choose if the video requires actually be stabilized, even pay this price. Whatever it is, the original video will not be lost.

Google Photos is available for free on the Store and installed natively on the most recent Android smartphones. Technology of machine Learning or artificial intelligence, Google continues to improve its application to offer always more attractive features for users. To fully master this software, feel free to discover all our tips .