Google Now Launcher: here are our top 5 best alternatives [Exclusive Guide]

11:21 pm February 9, 20178835

Google Now Launcher is about to shoot my bow. Yet, it was the favorite of many users but launcher also for an interesting alternative coming to give a small side stock Android to manufacturers overlays. Unfortunately, soon, it will be removed from the Store and manufacturers can no longer integrate their Roma. Fortunately, there are some interesting alternatives.

google now launcher

What launcher use instead of Google Now?

The arrival of the Google Pixel and the Pixel Launcher will be signed the end of Google Now Launcher . At present, it is still unclear if Google will offer an alternative to knowing that for now, the Pixel Launcher remains exclusive to its last two phones. Therefore, we have selected for you the best alternatives.

Nova Launcher

nova launcher

Nova is without doubt the best launcher Android you can find in the Google Store Play but also the most customizable. With it, you can do everything or almost. Even the gestures are supported and the application that offers dozens of personalization settings improves a little more in each of its many updates.

Note that the icons are customizable, the extremely fluid launcher and you have even a night mode. The basic version is free, but if you really want to explore all the possibilities, you can invest in the paid version that is charged at the price of € 5.25.

telecharger nova launcher

Action Launcher 3

Launcher favorite of many users, Action 3A su Launcher itself thanks to its many customization options but also to unique features like “Quick Page”, a kind of customizable drawer accessible with a simple swipe.

Also include Quicktheme which allows you to create themes on your research or even Quickbar bar which allows you to customize the appearance of your Google search widget. A launcher may be more advanced than Google but just as easy to use.

telecharger action launcher

ASAP Launcher

asap launcher

If you want to try something different, ASAP Launcher is made for you. It draws its strength from its interface which class information on five home screens and offers quick access to the applications that you use more than one simple sliding of the row of icons at the bottom of the screen upwards.

The other four home screens you can, meanwhile, quick access to your contacts, weather, calendar and events information and list of things to do. A launcher wizard-like staff that also offers many customization options.

telecharger asap launcher

ADW Launcher 2

if ADW Launcher for existed for many years, my last updated in June 2016 was a real revolution. Everything was taken from A to Z in mind Material Design of Google. Its current interface is very similar to the Google Pixel. We also appreciate its many options of customization as well as its widgets, quite well designed.

Most of the options proposed by the application are available in the free version but if however the experience turns out to be conclusive and you want to go further, there is a more advanced paid version offered at the price of 4.19 euros.

telecharger adw launcher

Evie Launcher

evie launcher

If you are looking for a sober and discreet alternative, then Evie Launcher is made for you. A simple swipe down gives you access to the search function. You can search both your applications and your list of contact but also on the web.

Once your search results found, you simply drag it to your home screen to create a shortcut. Customizable, it reminds a little bit Pixel Google interface, offers a mode without dock and even lets you change the size of the grid applications.

telecharger evie launcher