Google News: a new test in the SERPs Desktop display! What are the impacts to be expected? [Exclusive Guide]

4:05 pm October 23, 201612070

Google News is currently testing a new display for the news in its Desktop search results!

currently visible in France on some queries, this brand-new Desktop display is very largely based on the carousel news AMP found on smartphone.

the new news “in the” view current test puts a lot more forward the first 3 sites referenced on a query compared to the current version of the insert that shows only the image of the 1st result.

insert Google News ‘in the news’ current VS new insert “has one”, what concrete changes?

actualités à la une google

overview of the new insert “has a” presenting the best 3 articles about a desktop application

encart dans l'actualité google

overview of the Insert ‘in the news’ current dating back as 3 news stories but with a totally different and less advantageous format for 2 and 3 rd results

the new insert “has a” offers close formatting from that of the Carousel news AMP.

3 articles have all of their image to the one displayed in the results of research in addition to better highlighting the title of their articles (police 18px for all titles against currently 18px for the first then 13px for the other 2).

the new insert is also much more space in the SERPs with 379 pixels against 252 to the current.

what are the impacts for site publishers listed on Google News?

If this new insert ‘ has a ‘ came to replace the current insert “in the news”:

  • the rate of click of the items present in position 2 or 3 would clearly be boosted.
  • the number of visits from these inserts could leap in Desktop, to the delight of the referenced sites.
  • the choice of images on the front page will play a still stronger role than at present in the optimization of the CTR. 3 results “in the” will indeed have all of visibility similar, much fairer than currently.

what are the impacts for other natural links?

of course, who says best click rates on the referenced news in the natural results of Google says less good click on other links SEO rates.

traditional natural results could be affected by this new highlight news much more attracting the eye of the user with 3 highlighted images.

the fact that the Insert takes more place will still push lower other natural results, what impact even more negatively their CTR.

what do you think of this new view of news in Google? Feel free to give us your opinion in the comments.

Google News: a new test in the SERPs Desktop display! What are the impacts to be expected?

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