Google: new interface in test on mobile, more readable but tasteless [Exclusive Guide]

5:00 pm May 10, 201713117

the Google search engine could well change of face in the next few days. The developer seems to test a new interface in some users, but change might even enjoy that displease: it is much more clear, and so more readable, but very bland and seems to lack inspiration.

Google Android

Internet for reviewed its priorities in recent years. For example, yet major text 10 years ago for now given way to video. But it’s especially how you can access the sites that changed: an environment dedicated to the search engines, we moved on to social networks.

Not surprisingly, Google seeks to constantly renew its formula. If its efforts on mobile are noticed, Chrome on Android Besides knowing a new update, its main tool is must also perform a morph: its search engine.

Google on mobile will soon change interface

a member of the Android Police community, Rita, indeed spotted a size change on its mobile interface: the site of the search engine like the dedicated application now sports a design much more clear and readable, with a great sacrifice for this.

on the left, you can see the search interface as it stands today. In the Middle, it’s the new interface of the application Google itself. And on the right, the new interface on the website.

As you can see, the various colors that made up the image are now deleted in favor of a more simplistic view showing the URL at the top of the result and differentiating the parts of a map by the fat.

It’s been a long time search engine Google had not changed in face as drastically. If the result of this test shows a clear site, it might offend because of its extreme simplicity. What do you think of this change?