Google My Business: a new ranking of “best companies” thanks to the reviews? [Exclusive Guide]

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Google My Business: a new ranking of “best companies” thanks to the reviews?

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currently, Google would test a new way to display local in its search results Google My Business results when queries of Internet users contain words of type “best (e) + type of activity”.

then one you had there is little positioning SEO factors premises Moz 2017 , Google could now test forward much more effective companies the best rated on highly targeted queries of type “best [type activité] + [géoloc]”.

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detected for the first time by Conrad Saam, Director of an agency of marketing in the United States, Google would now begin to put forward companies rated on the Insert dedicated to local on some queries results Google My Business in its search results. Through a local search containing the word ‘best’, it is indeed insight that Google had in some cases priority businesses with higher average grades or equal to 4 (these notes are from the reviews filed on the company’s Google My Business page). Beyond the simple ranking results by score, businesses with the highest scores to those with less good, Google also now displays in red in some cases (as can be seen in the screenshot above) the note filter applied to the results presented on these very specific queries.

a change deployed in France?

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attempting to find the same behavior in France, there are for the moment that Google does not display red filter ‘Note’ applied to queries of type ‘best [type activité] + [géoloc]’ but class and displays results for the user. By using the filter by ‘Note’ in France directly from the search results, the user is then redirected to Google Maps and a list of all businesses that match this filter (20 organic results are displayed per page with 2 additional sponsored results added at the top of list), which is different from the functionality that were observed in the United States or the user can play with the filter “Note” while remaining on the page of search results.

what are the impacts for small and medium-sized enterprises?

If this change doesn’t impact than a very specific type of query, this seems to confirm that notices on the pages Google My Business of companies will have more importance for the classification of these in the local search results from Google in the future. A strategy of acquiring quality reviews should itself more and more as a must for companies that operate in a strong local competitive environment.


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