Google Messenger version 2.0 finally available with a new interface [Exclusive Guide]

10:42 pm October 25, 201611492

Google has still not managed to effectively penetrate the market chat applications, but he managed to take some control over the applications… SMS management, this format intended to die, with Messenger. This happening today in version 2.0, and brings first of all a review and much clearer interface.


smartphones are used for just about everything and anything these days. But there is always a more represented than the other segment: social applications. After all, our smartphones are phones and are therefore our most consistent link with our surroundings.

One time, we were using SMS as a preferred means of communication. Since then, times have changed and they are aging. Also, applications like WhatsApp took the bulk of the market and include many more features.

However, Google managed to make slightly more user-friendly SMS with Messenger, my sober, practical and very slight SMS management application. It is in version 2.0 today, and has undergone a re-design of its design.

Nothing very bombastic however. Easily remarkable change is at attribute to its icon , which includes the design of Hello and Duo now for more consistency in the application Google universe. This is seen also in the interface of the application, where the bubbles are more rounded and text more end.

the more great emphasis on the ‘SMS’, which replaces the word “message” in the previous version, shows that the developer wants to now actually impose Google Hello as my chat application, leaving Messenger for the last people still using text messages.

Going however still to the path, since the latter has difficulties to win. On the contrary, WhatsApp Facebook Messenger were elected great kings of safety by Amnesty International today and remain 2 favorite applications for discussion around the world.

You can expect that this new version either directly available in the Store, or simply download the APK for it right now.