Google Maps will now remember your parking place [Exclusive Guide]

6:08 pm April 27, 20178649

reserved for beta-testers so far, the function of memorization of the parking of Google Maps is now available for all users. Convenient, it allows to record the location of my vehicle once arrived at destination. This information can then be annotated and shared contacts.

google maps parking

“where am I therefore parked?” is a phrase that Google no longer want to hear. By allowing its users to memorize the location of their vehicles, the giant indeed wishes to avoid a hassle that can experience on a daily basis millions of drivers around the world.

Google Maps can now record where you are parked

since the last update, it is necessary to note your seat number on a piece of paper or in a corner of your brain: this task is now assigned to the application. Once arrived, now simply press a button so that Google Maps saves the location of your means of transport .

It is then possible to use this information in various ways, noting for example some additional details (“parked in front of this restaurant”), or by setting an alarm (“parking remaining time: 3 hours ‘). Similarly it is possible to take and add a before photo of share all my contacts .

A simple but devilishly practical function which, hopefully, will avoid inconvenience and omissions that we’ve potentially all known. Reminder, Google Maps is a free download on iOS and Android, and the update is now available on two platforms. And if for the reasons that you are unique, you are looking for an alternative to the application, we invite you to consult our Top 7 of its best replacements on Android .