Google Maps: real-time position sharing coming soon [Exclusive Guide]

5:19 pm March 23, 20177701

Google Maps for unveiled a new feature coming soon: the opportunity to share its position in real time with friends, to easily notify your nearby or to reassure your loved ones in a few clicks. You can also share a full itinerary, allowing your friends to see where you are on the road!

Google Maps

smartphones, in their capacity of multi-purpose and multi-tasking devices, have taken the place of many dedicated devices that we had before. It is a specific market that for been transformed by it, it is other than that of the GPS.

Indeed, what good have a dedicated when our smartphone GPS can do exactly the same thing? It is not for nothing if Google Maps adds features on features intended to make it still more efficient drive. But this one don’t forget pedestrians who made my glory.

Share its position soon possible real-time on Maps

a feature that will be just as practical for pedestrians as for characters conveyed are coming soon on the service: the ability to share its GPS position in real time with a loved one. Google for even prepared a video teaser for this:

the principle is simple: you have to find a friend in a crowded Park? Share your position to find yourself in a few clicks. You are driving and want to let your loved ones know exactly where you are? Share your route so that they follow you live!

The feature is not so innovative as such, since many services and social networks already offer it. For example think about Hangout, the discussion of Google service , which allows to share its position in a discussion.

But this is a new tool added to the many advanced which for Google Maps features , making it still more take interest in the face of its competitors. We don’t know yet when the feature will be released, on iOS and Android.