Google Maps now helps you no longer lose your car in a parking lot [Exclusive Guide]

5:23 pm March 21, 20179115

Google Maps can now remember your parking spot in a few clicks. It is one of the new features available in version 9.49, being deployed on the Store. With one click, you can set your parking location, note your floor or driveway if necessary to never get lost.

Google Maps nouveau design

the smartphone is quickly rooted in our lives, supplanting the usefulness of many devices incorporating them into a single system. For example, we can think about our digital cameras, or even our MP3 players.

But one of the land on which it will hurt the most is none other than navigation. The many available on Android GPS quickly buried the dedicated as the Tom-Tom GPS devices. Google Maps is changing once again to deliver the coup de grace.

my place in parking thanks to Google Maps

indeed, Google’s service for evolved, in beta at the moment but being deployed on the stable version, now incorporating a new choice: ‘retain its parking place. Therefore, a “P” icon is on the map.

You can add this bookmark notes to keep your floor, for example, or even pictures. The application also allows to determine if there is a paying car park, and will warn you when you are about to exceed the time you bought.

A new feature for Maps which can easily be used by professionals as well as individuals. Knowing that the service is still free once, it becomes difficult to find the smaller competitor to the Google’s GPS solution that improves day after day.

For now, this feature is integrated with version 9.49 Android app, available in beta. However, the update is being deployed on the stable version.

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