Google Maps: how to share your location in real time with your loved ones [Exclusive Guide]

9:50 pm April 7, 20178672

Google Maps now lets you share your location with friends in real-time, in order to inform them of your travel time or simply tell them exactly where you are to reach you! To take advantage of this new feature on your Android smartphone, it’s simple: just follow the guide!

Google Maps nouveau design

today ‘ today, our smartphones have naturally taken the place of most dedicated devices that we used: digital cameras, MP3 music players and of course… our GPS. On this last point, the smartphone keeps getting better.

If before, the GPS of our smartphones was especially indicated to identify as a pedestrian, new applications of GPS offline allow us to use our smartphones even by car. Today, the experience becomes more social.

Share their location on Google Maps with relatives

recently, Google Maps for implemented the ability to share my position in time real with my relatives. A feature very convenient allows you to let your loved ones know exactly when you will come, and if you are experiencing slowdowns.

Or even simply, for pedestrians, find you on a street crowded with a few clicks. To enjoy this feature, you just open Google Maps then:

  • open the side menu
  • select ‘Share my position’
  • -click ‘Start’

you now need to choose with whom to share your location in real time, and for how long. To do this:

  • select life that you want to share your location. 1, 2, 3 hours… as wish you. You can even activate unlimited.
  • At the bottom left, select the close with which you want to share your location. Whether or not it for a Google account doesn’t matter, as long as it for Google Maps.
  • -click ‘Share’
  • you can also choose ‘More’ to share your location via a link to fournirde the way you want

do not forget to turn the feature off once it for fulfilled its role, particularly if you have not entered a time limit : also the fact as that will impact your battery, your privacy could be affected. And now, you know now use Google Maps like a pro !