Google Lens: object recognition from the Galaxy S8 for all, better [Exclusive Guide]

1:57 am May 18, 201711503

he for a year Google announced Google Wizard. This year during the Google I/O 2017, the American giant brings a new dimension to my assistant staff: Google Lens. The latter offers to directly analyze the environment around you through your camera. It recognizes the objects and places that you point and offers several contextual actions.

Google Lens

Google Wizard is made available in French for a few weeks. Only text version is available, but the first results look promising. It is complex to understand what a user wants to take the phone in hand. Google is aware, but he seems determined to move up a gear.

Samsung recently launched my own personal assistant: Bixby. It is capable with the tool Bixby Vision to scan the surrounding area via S8 Galaxy camera. Google Lens seems to work the same way. By pointing a flower, a label or a store, the app will show you several actions in compatibility with a potential issue that you may have.

Google Lens: Google assistant intelligence grew day by day

in conference Google I/O 2017 , the Mountain View giant for highlighted the evolution of its devices with regard to their learning of the world that surrounds them. The number of users of the services of the company increases and the situations dealt with by the personal assistant of Google gaining varieties.

Google Lens will use your phone’s camera and will be able to recognize the forms and nature of objects in front of you. Way what offers already Google translation , the assistant staff will be able to identify the text of a document, a sign or label and will react accordingly.

One of the examples shown at the conference staged a photograph of the rear part of an Internet modem. With a simple snapshot of the security as well as the name of the network code, Google Lens is able to connect to the Internet. Applications seem to many and the multiplicity of situations taken into account could make the indispensable assistant.